Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How intelligent is intelligent design?

Many of us already know that there's nothing intelligent about 'intelligent design'. But let's take a look at what that implies. It states that things were created by an intelligence far superior than we can ever hope to grasp. A being that is so perfect that we call it God and worship him. I often hear the complexity and perfection of the human body and nature and the cosmos as examples.

Well, what's so perfect about any of it. Beautiful, amazing, complex... sure. But not perfect. Take the sun for example. If this god is so powerful, why make the sun like any other star? A form that can and does form naturally. If you were an all powerful god, wouldn't you go a bit further? A giant cosmic light bulb powered by an invisible nuclear reactor perhaps. Something that could not be mistaken for anything other than an intelligent creation. Yet, we have an ordinary, yet beautiful, run of the mill star. And like any star it emits dangerous rays. Rays that can harm us (the supposed chosen children of God). Prolonged exposure to which cases sun burn, or worse, skin cancer. Furthermore, our sun will eventually swell into a red giant in it's future and destroy any life that may still exist on Earth. Does that sound intelligently designed to you?

But this is of course just one of several example that one could use. People like to claim that we are the pinnacle of design... Yet the Cheetah is able to run much faster than us. The eagle can see far better. Cats can hear better. Dogs can smell better. Amphibious creatures swim better. Nocturnal creatures can see in the dark. We can't fly. Many creatures can see spectrum's of light that are invisible to us, including insects. Yes, the human body is amazing. But it is far from perfect. If it was, we'd be the best at everything, and not have additional organs that are of no use to us. When one argues for human kind being the 'perfect creation' of their god, the facts simply aren't on their side. However, if we look at things through the lens of evolution, it becomes easy to see why things are the way they are.

Evolution  really is an elegantly beautiful explanation for the diversity of life that we see on Earth. Plus, it works! You really can't argue with something testable and supported by the evidence can you? Well... as long as you're intellectually honest or take a moment to learn anything about it, that is...

Many things in nature are beautiful, but that doesn't necessitate a creator, or even imply 'design'. In my years I've not seen one thing that is better explained by supernatural design, than by natural processes. If you think you have, I ask that you now tell me what you think is a good example of something you are convinced had to be a work of divine creation. But I'm sure you'll soon find that this 'creation' only seems so due to limits in knowledge, jumping the gun of beauty, or simply stubborn refusal of the facts. But hey, try me. Hit me with your best shot.


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