Saturday, June 27, 2015

Love Wins!

Friday June 26th, 2015 was a historic day here in the USA. The Supreme Court finally made the ruling that made same-sex marriage legal nation-wide. Because, you know, people should have to go through years of court cases in order to gain equal rights in a country that claims to guarantee it's people equal rights...

While this was a huge victory, it wasn't long until I saw people with their underpants in a knot because gay marriage clashes with their personal religious beliefs. Well there is an easy solution to that... If they don't believe in gay marriage, don't get gay married.

Then there's those that claim this is a religious rights issue, or claim that the government is now telling churches that they have to perform same sex-marriages. This is simply false. Churches did, and still do, have the right to not perform marriages that clash with their religious beliefs. If they want to, they can marry same-sex couples, but they aren't forced to. Legal and religious marriage are two very different things. But some people just don't want to hear that.

There are those that also cry that marriage is being redefined. They pretend that Christianity invented marriage, and that biblical marriage has always been one man and one woman. I simply ask those people to actually read their own damn holy book.

The fact that my wife and I got married (not same religion) means that marriage has been redefined.

The fact that people of different races can get married means that marriage has been redefined.

If you don't think a man can just give a woman's father some goats and a cow and now have a wife, you've redefined Christian marriage.

If you don't think a man should be able to rape a woman and then just pay the father and marry the rape victim as punishment, you've redefined Christian marriage.

If you don't think a man should have to marry his brother's wife should he die before she birthed him a son, you've redefined Christian marriage.

If you don't like polygamy, you've redefined Christian marriage.

If you don't think woman should be taken as wives as prizes of war,  you've redefined Christian marriage.

If you don't think a man should keep sex slaves as well as a wife/wives, you've redefined Christian marriage.

If you don't view marriage as a property transaction between a father and husband to be, you've redefined Christian marriage.

I could keep going, but it should be clear by now that 'Christian marriage' is a concept that is far from as clear cut as some would have you believe.

Then some ask, "What about polygamists?", "What if someone wants to marry a horse or a dog?" For the first one... I actually don't have a problem with people being in a relationship with multiple wives or husbands if it's all consensual. Obviously, this requirement would block the religious cults where the leader takes multiple child brides and the like. It's also ironic that these are also the biblical marriage types, yet they aren't aware that polygamy is biblical.

As for marrying an animal... I don't know what's worse. That the person making this argument doesn't know how bad it is, or that they are at least subconsciously equating homosexuals to the same status as other 'lower' animals. But lets get back to the obvious problem with this absurd argument. A horse can not consent to marriage. There are obviously other issues, but this should be an argument that gets stopped before it even starts. But some seem to let their hate run their mind rather than logic.

But luckily sanity prevailed, and marriage equality is now a reality across the United States. Love won. And that's what marriage is really about. Love. Nothing more, nothing less, and isn't that really enough?

-Brain Hulk

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Break Time?

Last week I posted only one blog, and other than this update there probably won't be any this week. The most immediate reason being that I am dealing with a strained and stiff right hand due to what was apparently too much yard work. So the entirety of this had to be typed only using my left hand.

Other than that though, I haven't really been feeling up to writing much lately. My job has been stressing me out beyond belief. Despite not having a very physical job, I find myself coming home exhausted most night. This means that the weekends end up needing to be a time of recharging rather than one of enjoyment for the most part. Considering the fact that I write these almost exclusively on the weekends, these tired weekends have left me without the time or desire to write like I used too.

So I surmise that I will have to scale my posting back even further (my book remains nameless and coverless, but at least it is at the waiting for edits stage...) , or even take a break. How long this will last is anyone's guess because, quite frankly, I hate my job. I dread going in each day. The environment is beyond toxic. The stress, stupidity, and incompetence I face regularly have left me feeling empty on any given work day (possibly even entering depression at times). Sadly, I can not afford to just leave, and there are no viable alternatives for me to move on to in this area. Two years looking, and I'm still there...

But then this all gets more complicated. I hate my job, but this job has caused me to no longer enjoy the career that I once loved. There is no more drive or desire left in the tank when I think of the projects I once loved undertaking. Just the other week I took on what used to be by far my favorite task. But it was just another job that felt like work. This was a realization that answered a question I've been asking myself for a while. Do I just hate this current situation, or is it more than that? The sad answer is that the passion is now gone. The career I choose over more lucrative paths due to the enjoyment factor is now nothing to me.

So I guess now not only do I need a new job, but a new career. That only complicates things so much more since I can't afford to go back to school. That's it I guess. Unappreciated, underpaid, and stressed the hell out... Now if you see me not posting as much, or not at all, you know why. But  while you're here, anyone know any minimum 50k dollar jobs a fast learner can jump right into without having to go back to school?

-Brain Hulk

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Secular Creationist Museum?

One News Now ran a story claiming that atheists got a school trip to a secular dinosaur museum canceled. That claim seemed very odd and unusual to me, so it's a headline that certainly stood out on my google alerts list. But was there any truth to the headline?
The Glendive School District has bowed down to threats by the group Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AUSCS), which argues that allowing students to take the secular tour at the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum violates the alleged separation of church and state clause of the U.S.
That just doesn't sound right at all. Atheist groups are all for preserving the secular nature of our government and schools. So this claim seems very odd and off the wall to me... Something just doesn't add up. 
The museum, the second-largest dinosaur museum in Montana, is the only one that teaches the biblical account of creation. Operated by the Foundation Advancing Creation Truth (FACT)...
Well there's your problem. A biblical creationist museum is not even close to being secular! Also, I love the irony of the parent organization being called FACT since creationism isn't at all related with the term...
the museum offers public schools a "secular" tour that doesn't promote a biblical account and religious views. This differs from the private sector tours that include teachings on a young Earth, the coexistence of dinosaurs and humans, biblical history and Noah's Ark — all represented through various displays.
Huh, maybe I spoke too soon. So does this museum have a separate religious wing and a scientifically factual wing? If that's the case, maybe there really isn't an issue. (more on that later)
Lincoln Elementary School principal John Larson says the field trip to the museum has been held annually over the past several years with virtually no complaints.
The number of complaints doesn't matter. Illegal is illegal.
 "[The museum gives] a different point of view than kids are exposed to in school," expressed Larson, who noted that even though he never attended a school tour, he has visited the museum and trusts his faculty's professional judgment. "This presents an alternative idea to what kids are going to hear throughout the curriculum. I guess, personally, I'm okay with that."
So Larson is fine with his students receiving information that isn't rooted in fact during school hours? Why is this? Is it because this 'museum' is teaching his personally preferred brand of superstition? Sorry, but a person who can say that they are fine with his students being taught false teachings that are counter to the curriculum as part of a school trip is not fit to be the principal of a public school.
FACT vice president Robert Canen could not understand why the district caved to the atheist group, especially considering the museum has gone out of its way to customize its tours to not promote a biblical worldview.

"[We are] disappointed for the students of our school district," Canen told The Christian Post. "While our museum is based on biblical history and all of our exhibits are set in that context, we provide a tour that focuses on the fossils displayed in the museum and the characteristics of those fossils."
Wait, wait, wait... So the 'secular' tour uses the same exact displays as the religious tour. The students are surrounded by signs and displays promoting creationism and they somehow think this makes it a secular tour? Sorry, that doesn't cut the mustard. Everything is still right there for the kids to read. The placards openly contradict what the children are being (rightfully) taught in the classroom. Standing students next to a large image depicting Noah's flood claiming that it totally happened but
This shit never happened!
stopping just short of pointing it out to the kids does not a secular tour make.
Canen states that the museum based in Glendive, Montana, is careful to not attack the problematic theory of evolution or stress the scientific biblical account.
Um, evolutionary theory is not problematic at all. Maybe Canen's understanding of evolution is problematic. But evolution is about as close to a scientific certainty as is gets. I often find that those that contest evolution are usually those that understand it the least.
"We mention complexity and design, but we stay away from any discussion of the Bible for public school tours," Canen continued. "We understand that our signage refers to special Creation and the biblical timeline, but we don't draw attention to those signs for public school tours."
Wink, wink, nudge, nudge... We have these signs everywhere that promote what we aren't allowed to promote on a  secular tour. But simply not reading them to the kids makes it all okay? What if this school was to hold an art show in a mosk and go there for a fiend trip. The mosk still displays all the usual Muslim displays. Qur'ans are left open and accessible to be read... I can guarantee that most of these Christian parents would be up in arms about that trip, yet the situation is no different than this museum's tour that they hilariously claim to be secular.
"In the past, the Glendive schools have brought students with little or no complaint," Canen contended. "We would encourage people to come to the museum to learn about the message we present and how the fossils fit into the biblical timeline."
Again, the number of complains isn't what matters. It's what's legal that matters. Oh, and how do the fossils fit into a Biblical timeline? If you are using the honest facts, the truth is that they don't come close to fitting into the biblical timeline at all.
AUSCS claimed that a school-run event visiting the creation museum violates the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution.
Because it does...
teachers explicitly teach Darwinian evolution as the sole explanation for the creation of the universe.
Someone is either quite confused or has been misquoted, because evolution has absolutely nothing to do with the creation of the universe. Evolution is all about the change of, and diversity of life. Universal origins are in the realm of the Big Bang.
"If evolution makes a claim and the claim is refuted by science, then I have no problem saying that, because that's the truth," Kline informed to the Gazette. "We don't make things up here."
This is a fairytale, not science!
Actually, you are making things up. First, evolution has not been refuted or even threatened by science. The more science looks at evolution, the more it is being found to be supported by an unquestionable mass of evidence. Furthermore, creationism has been thoroughly refuted by science, so where is the consistency? Kline is super eager to embrace science threatening evolution, but when it comes to the fact that science has refuted his, and his museum's beliefs/teachings he just looks the other way and ignores the science. To me, that's just dishonest.
Kline says the alternative tours for public schools strictly stick to scientific fact — not religious teaching — but emphasizes that he doesn't lie to students when secular geologic records declare that all animal species appeared at once or that life is simply too complex to be created by chance.
What is this man on about? No secular geological records claim that all species appeared at once, nor do they claim that life is too complex to occur naturally! It sounds to me like Kline is certainly lying to students, or is very very poorly educated on the topics that he is talking about...
Kline explains that he only mentions the biblical account if students directly ask them about topics that can't avoid it — such as fossil ages, which can be explained by a global flood.
Sorry, I don't buy it. In my experience, I've found that creationists of Kline's ilk are all too eager to shoehorn their beliefs in whenever they get the slightest chance... Especially when it comes to trying to convert or recruit new believers. As for the claim of fossil ages being explained by a global flood. This is again completely false. And any attempt to do so requires completely ignoring all the factual evidence that we already have at hand.
"It's perfectly legitimate for me to do so, because it's not the teacher who asked me, it's not the bus driver who asked me," Kline said. "The student is not a representative from the school."
Wrong again buckaroo! By leading a school field trip, Kline is acting as a representative of the school. As a representative of the school, you must also abide by the standards of the curriculum. If leading a school field trip and sticking to the facts is a problem, then Kline shouldn't lead these tours.
"Apparently, a few disgruntled individuals in our community have precedence over your permission for your child to attend," the faculty's letter reads. "Big city issues have come to Glendive."
To borrow a line from the amazing movie Hot Fuzz, "With respect sir, geographical location
shouldn’t factor in the application of the law." Also, no one is saying that children can't go there, just that the school can't take them. If a parent wants to take their child to a terrible museum on the weekend, these parents are perfectly able and allowed to.

So the answer to this whole issue is very simple. Follow the law. If they want to take their kids on a fun trip to learn about dinosaurs, then just take them to the another museum. There are several dinosaur museums in the state, and there is even another one in the same town for crying out loud!

-Brain Hulk

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Billy Graham: Science and God

DEAR REV. GRAHAM: As far as I'm concerned, religion is based on superstition and myth. I think people dreamed up the idea of "God" just to help them deal with their fears. Now that we have science, we don't need God. Why should we keep believing in something that doesn't exist?
-- R.H.
The answer is really very simple. We shouldn't believe in things that don't exist. Yet for a myriad or reasons, many people do.
DEAR R.H.: Let me ask you a question: If we no longer need God because of science, then why do so many scientists and other intellectuals still believe in Him? Some don't, of course, but over the years I've been privileged to meet many who do -- and who not only believe in God but are also committed Christians.
Yes, plenty of scientists are believers. But a 2009 study found that while 83% of the general public believe in God, only 33% of scientists do. So that right there tells you that scientific knowledge can and does erode the need for belief. But why is the number 33% and not 0%? Well that is due to a few reasons. Many still believe due to emotional reasons. But the most important factor is compartmentalization. Religious scientists tend to not subject their religious beliefs to the same rigorous scrutiny that they apply to their scientific work.
In fact, many of these men and women have told me their scientific investigations actually had led them to faith.
Billy must not talk to very many scientists...
As they studied the world around them, they realized it was far more logical to believe in an all-wise Creator than to believe everything happened by chance.
Or apparently any good ones either. The conclusion that 'magic' is a more logical conclusion than the scientific one that is rooted in evidence is not logical, and is not good science in the slightest.
They also began examining the life of Jesus Christ and weighing carefully His claim to be God in human flesh, sent from heaven to save us and change us. As they did, they came to realize He was not a myth, but that in Him alone "are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge" (Colossians 2:3).
So they studied all the evidence for Jesus' existence (that is none by the way) and concluded that a magical man that left no evidence of his existence wasn't a myth? Right... Sorry, but this is either a case of scientists that were believers first compartmentalizing, if he's actually talking about actual scientists at all.
I suspect your real problem is that you want to run your own life, without God to interfere with whatever you might want to do.
I love how Billy loves to throw this gem around. "You just want to run your own life." His reasoning presupposes that we do believe in God but are acting in defiance. But here's the thing, if we did believe, we would know he is all-powerful and that the price is steep. We would know that if God (being all-powerful) wanted us to do X, Y or Z, there's nothing we could do about it anyway. We would also believe that we are going to Hell because of our actions. So who would believe in God yet consciously choose to pointlessly try to defy this all-powerful being, and choose the outcome of eternal torment?

The real answer is really much simpler. We actually don't believe in God, and it's usually because there is no good reason to believe in a God that is not evidenced in the least.

-Brain Hulk

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Billy Graham: Religion and Prosperity

QUESTION: I saw a survey the other day claiming that some of the most prosperous countries in the world are also the least religious. Do you think that’s true? Why is it? – Mrs. J.U.
For the most part this is very true. The main outlying exception being the USA. Why is that? There are a couple main reasons that I suspect this is the case.
ANSWER: I don’t know how accurate a survey like this is; I certainly can think of some exceptions, including the United States. Although secularism and materialism have made serious inroads into our society, the majority of Americans still believe in God and regularly attend a place of worship.
Sorry to burst your bubble Billy, but America isn't facing secularism making inroads into society. America was founded as a secular nation for crying out loud. And while America is the one obvious exception, a closer look will show that America may be rich overall, but is actually a bad example when we look on a more individual basis.

As for the accuracy of these studies, I have found that they are usually done with a large sample size and are actually pretty accurate. A 2014 study ranked the top most prosperous countries as such:

1) Norway (22% believe in God)
2) Switzerland (44% believe in God)
3) New Zealand (43.47% Christian)
4) Denmark (28% believe in God)
5) Canada (67% Christian)
6) Sweden (18% believe in God)
7) Australia (61.1% Christian)
8) Finland (33% believe in God)
9) Netherlands (28% believe in God)
10) United States (70.6% Christian)

But why do I feel the fact that many of the least religious nations are actually more prosperous that the USA? Education. Our education system is woeful, and further behind other nations than it really should be. For some reason , it seems our lawmakers typically want to take money away from education rather than trying to address the problems that cause us to usually rank around the 27th position in national rankings against the rest of the world.

And one thing that many statistics have shown is that the more educated a person is, the higher the likelihood is that they don't believe in a god. If the lest educated believe the most, that should really tell you something about that belief.

Earlier I mentioned that the USA isn't that great of an example. Why is that exactly? Income equality. Let's take a look at the GINI coefficient of that top ten again. 0 = total equality and 100 = total inequality.

1) Norway (GINI of 25)
2) Switzerland (GINI of 29.6)
3) New Zealand (GINI of 36.2)
4) Denmark (GINI of 24.8)
5) Canada (GINI of 32.1)
6) Sweden (GINI of 23)
7) Australia (GINI of 30.3)
8) Finland (GINI of 26.8)
9) Netherlands (GINI of 30.9)
10) United States (GINI of 45)

What this shows us is that while the USA may be prosperous as a nation, there are many many more individuals that are not prosperous than in the other nations in the list. So if countries that believe in God less tend to be more prosperous and more equal, while the most religious parts of the USA are also the most impoverished, either God has terrible aim when he's smiting, or not believing just got even more attractive.

-Brain Hulk

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Billy Graham: God's Mug Shot

DEAR BILLY GRAHAM: What does God look like? My sister tried to draw a picture of God once, but my parents said they weren’t sure if she got it right. She made him look kind of like the sun. I am 9 years old. — Z.H.
You have to love kids sometimes. Nine years old and what is the pressing matter that ZH writes in to the newspaper about? 'Is my sister's drawing of God accurate?' The funny thing is that his sister did kind of get it right though, so long as she was trying to draw one of the many solar deities.
DEAR H.N.: God isn’t like anything we will ever see around us, because he doesn’t have a physical body or a physical nature. Instead, God is a spiritual being, and he is everywhere. (This is one reason the Bible commands us not to make idols.) Jesus said, “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth” (John 4:24).
So wait... is the kid ZH or HN? Also has Billy ever read his own Bible? Because some of what he just said is contradicted by his very own holy book. For example, Genesis 1:26-27...
Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground. So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.
But here's the thing. If God doesn't have a physical form, then there was no 'image' for him to fashion mankind after. Also what about when God shows himself to Moses in Exodus 33:18-23?
And he said, I beseech thee, shew me thy glory. And he said, I will make all my goodness pass before thee, and I will proclaim the name of the LORD before thee; and will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will shew mercy on whom I will shew mercy. And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live. And the LORD said, Behold, there is a place by me, and thou shalt stand upon a rock: And it shall come to pass, while my glory passeth by, that I will put thee in a clift of the rock, and will cover thee with my hand while I pass by: And I will take away mine hand, and thou shalt see my back parts: but my face shall not be seen.
So according to this not only does God have a form and a face, but he also set it up to moon Moses in some sort of divine peep show.

And on the idols bit... That was actually more about worshiping other gods. But Christianity pissed all over that commandment anyway what with every church being filled with statues of Jesus, Mary, saints, etc...
Does this mean we can’t know anything about God, since we can’t see him? No, not at all. God made us, and he loves us and wants us to know what he is like.
How the Bible says he's like, or how the evidence says he's like? Because the Bible shows him to be a murderous, genocidal, sadistic, egomaniac. And the evidence simply shows no trace of his existence at all. 

So was this little boy's sister's drawing accurate? No. In fact her drawing was already more accurate before she ever started. That blank page was already a perfect representation of God. This is because the absence of the drawing perfectly mirrors the high likelihood that he doesn't exist. Likewise, the second pencil meets paper she, like people throughout history, started creating her own god. All gods are human creations that have traits given to them by their creators. Just like we create the drawing, we have also created our gods.

-Brain Hulk

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Atheist Babies Have a God?

Rev. Christopher Benek wrote a piece for The Christian Post titled "Babies Are Not Born Atheist". Seeing as his title is factually false, I don't have high hopes for the contents of his article, but lets have a look anyway...
Can I interest you in a used car? Take a look at
this fabulous '88 Chevy. They don't get any
batter than this beauty!
It is a popular claim by Atheists that eventually science will somehow eliminate the need for religion. Many even argue that, in our present age of exponentially advancing technology, we are already beginning to see the numerical decline of religious persons in the United States.
It is true that science has been steadily showing that the claims of many religious are false. It has
replaced incorrect religious explanations with ones rooted in fact and backed by evidence. Science has been able to explain happenings that were once assigned to a supernatural deity, and reveal what is actually going on. So yes, as religions and their claims have been show time and time again to quite simply be wrong, it has resulted in some leaving those religions.
This, they claim, is evidenced in such studies as the Pew Research Center's recent Religious Landscape Study. I disagree with such assertions. What we are actually seeing isn't the initial stages of the demise of Christianity. Instead, what we are witnessing is the reoccurring periodic rise of societal arrogance and immaturity.
Already with the name-calling? We don't agree with you so we are automatically arrogant and immature? Personally, I consider that reply rather immature. Furthermore, how can Christian's of Chris' ilk call anyone arrogant. I'm going to go out on a limp and say that he would probably say that there is absolutely no chance he could be wrong about Jesus, or that he would never even consider changing his mind. That is pure arrogance. Yet most atheists (like myself) am always open to being wrong. I don't think that I am, but if you can show that I am, I will listen.

Also, what Chris is arguing can be said of every time people started leaving one faith for another. The Jews probably said that this Christianity will never catch on. The Catholic church would have said that there new Protestants won't go anywhere. While these religions didn't disappear, they were still quite wrong in regards to the new upstarts. But go back further and there are religions that faded completely. Will the same happen with Christianity? Perhaps, but it will take a while if it does. But the fact is that the trend shows that the 'rise of the nones' isn't a trivial one.
American Christians seem to be baffled as to how "nones" - those persons who identify themselves as religiously unaffiliated Atheists, agnostics or "nothing in particular" - have grown in number so rapidly in the United States.
Probably because religions and their claims have often been found to be wrong. The fact that being religious doesn't statistically make one a better person than they already were, or the big fact that there is no proof that these religions are at all rooted in actual verifiable proof.
We are quick to blame politicians, celebrities, technology or even other Christians with whom we disagree theologically for this increasing trend. But as I see it, the problem resides not with the "nones" but with the church universal's growing lack of religious formational training and nurture.
Or maybe because there's no proof! And seriously... Chris is opining that the church isn't being vocal enough? I have churches come to my door pretty regularly, mass-mail cards, hand out papers at events, and basically make themselves seen and heard anytime they get a chance.
At a very rudimentary level we as Christians seem to be growing increasingly dismissive of our children's religious developmental needs.
So you're going to stop forcing kids to go to church and allow them to make up their own mind instead or brainwashing them and asserting that the child is a Christian from birth? That would be awesome!
It might serve us well to remember though that babies are not born atheists. 
Actually that's incorrect. An atheist is a person who lacks a belief in God(s). Babies haven't learned about God yet, so they lack belief. By definition they are atheist. Atheist by default, but still atheist.
Furthermore, if we push the point, there really is no such thing as an atheist because technically everyone has a god.
How can everyone have a god when no god has ever been shown to absolutely exist? And if Chris means 'believe in a god', than that's outright false since atheist don't believe in any gods.
While this may seem an unfamiliar concept to some, by definition, a god is just "a person or thing that is excessively worshiped and admired; an all absorbing passion, pursuit, or hobby - something idolized." Since an excess of anything is simply "an amount or quality greater than is necessary" and worship, in its most basic form, means "to have an ardent devotion, or adoration for something" - one must simply have actual or substantial concern for a passion, pursuit, or hobby that is slightly more than needed for it to be considered a god. It thus quickly becomes evident that, although it may not be personified, everyone has a god.
 Sorry, but this is simply false. A god is defined as...
1) (in Christianity and other monotheistic religions) the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.

2) (in certain other religions) a superhuman being or spirit worshiped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity.
What Chris is doing here is actually quite dishonest. He's attempting to arbitrarily redefine words to fit his claims as he pleases. That's not the way it works!

But what if we grant Chris' claim. In that case, he's screwed because that would mean that almost everyone would have multiple gods. And God demands that you have no other gods, so Chris' claim would actually damn everyone.
This fact that people aren't born atheists matters when we consider our religious development because it suggests that we are biologically oriented toward embracing religious training and nurture.
Yeah, babies aren't born atheist at all... As long as you have no clue at all what 'atheist' actually means, that is!
When babies are born they understandably worship the source of their basic needs – such things as their mother's milk, their parents, or a maybe even a favorite toy. But as a child grows older, and develops as a human being, their needs evolve and expand and their focus of worship then changes. 
None of this makes babies believers in God though. At that age they can't even consider the concept, let alone conclude that they believe in Jesus. The only way this means what Chris is claiming it means is to dishonestly try to redefine terms on a whim to fit his needs.
Like Chris' definition for 'god'...
Whether or not a child matures into understanding that it is more logical to worship a God who champions love, peace, compassion and justice as opposed to a deficient idol usually has less to do with the child and more to do with how those who are caring for the child model behavior for them.
Wait... So Chris wants children to grow up to believe in a god who 'champions love, peace, compassion and justice'?  It's kind of odd hearing a Christian wanting children to not become Christians. But okay, works for me.
Of course, capital "A", Atheists – those who lack belief in a supernatural or personified God or who, more likely, have critiques of the misappropriations of organized religion - do exist.
Actually, it's 'atheist', not 'Atheist'. The word is not a proper noun. So Chris is now claiming that only miss-spelled atheists exist? Just for the record, all atheist lack belief in God, not just some. Additionally, most atheist do have critiques on religion, but that isn't necessary to be an atheist.
But, divergent from popular opinion, their critiques of the church also are not what ultimately convince persons to leave organized religion.
Yeah, usually it's because there's no proof of religion's claims, or that science has all too often proven religious claims wrong.
To the contrary, it is our failure as Christians to humbly hear and respond to constructive criticism that demonstrates to the younger generation that we aren't really willing to work for Christ's redemptive purposes.
At least he got the 'humbly respond the criticism' part right. All too often I've witnessed religious people simply shout down any criticism or questions. Critiques  that are very valid, yet the believers have no good answer to. This fact alone should raise even more questions.
And often times, instead of repenting from our failure to guide our children into religious maturity as human beings, we shift the blame to others for our irresponsibility and arrogance.
Wait, wait, wait... irresponsible and  arrogant for not doing a better job of blindly brainwashing your kids to think exactly like you instead of for themselves? I think Chris has that backwards.
Put succinctly, it isn't science or technology that is dissuading persons away from God. Nor is it politicians, celebrities, Atheists or persons who hold fringe religious positions.
Its the seemingly wholesale failure of religion.
It is each of us who confesses Jesus with our words and then denies him with our lifestyles. Our large-scale idolatry of self-arrogance and religious immaturity is growing the population of "nones" whose primary hope is simply that there is a better way of living than what we are modeling. Fortunately for them, and us, there is a better way. It is in and through the person of Jesus Christ.
We already have a way better than the horrible book called the Bible. A free secular society that grants the people amazing and oh so valuable rights. A system that could use improvement in some details, sure. But one that is sadly under threat from those that would like to replace it with the terrible and barbaric Bible.

-Brain Hulk

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