Sunday, December 23, 2012

Terra Lumina

If you're like me, you finished your holiday shopping ages ago. But if you aren't, and have a science fan on your list, let me share this new album with you. Terra Lumina is an album of science themed music from the makers of the Symphony of Science ( series of songs that remix speech of past and present scientists into music. While Symphony of Science is good, Terra Lumina is a bit different. These songs are not remixes of existing audio, but rather originally written and composed music. And may I say that they did a fantastic job! The lyrics are smart and meaningful, and the composition is also very well done. The music varies from rock to a bit folk-rock. But whatever the style, the songs are all great and very enjoyable, both as music, but also a vehicle for spreading an understanding and appreciation of science. They are selling their album in a few formats. But if you are looking for a last minute gift, may I suggest the digital download. Just download for $10 and save the files onto a cheap USB key. If your gift recipient is anything like me, they will certainly appreciate this gift and get many hours of enjoyment form it.

Terra Lumina site:


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