Friday, January 25, 2013

Work, gone to the dogs...

I'm actually a bit sick and tired, so I'll be cutting this one a little short, but I've noticed pets in the workplace getting more common. There are many reasons why someone would bring their pet to their business. But there is a time and a place. Some businesses lend themselves to being okay for an animal to be there, and others don't. Also, some animals are okay, and some aren't well enough behaved to be in a professional setting. I've seen garages, offices and shops with an on site cat 'mascot' that they have taken in. As a cat guy, I like the surprise of finding a friendly kitty greeting me at the door. Kitties aren't very destructive, so they make good shop animals. Dogs require a bit more out of you, but can be nice to see in a store. There is one local store in particular that brings in two old Labs everyday. They mostly just lye around when you are in the store. But they will occasionally get up and walk over slowly to get pet. Friendly, not pushy or wild, but above all they are lazy.

But there are some animals that should not be in stores at all. One such example is in a store that I am forced to frequent. The owner of this store brings a dog in daily. This dog has way too much energy and has no place in a setting like that. This dog also appears to be a Lab, but unlike the two lazy ones at the other local store, this one has to be in the middle of everything. From the second the door opens, this door is on you. First he may try and lay on your feet, or he may decide that he wants to eat your shoes and shoe laces. Then he will usually decide to try and jump up on you. He isn't fully grown yet, but it is still a big dog. I have witnessed this dog almost topple an elderly customer as they come in the door. If he doesn't try to climb you like a tree, he will assume you are his personal chew toy and start biting at any loose bits on you shirt, parts legs or sleeves. I have also been there to witness this dog tearing someone's sweatshirt  pocket almost clean off! And don't make the mistake of giving him any attention, otherwise it all gets ten times worse. So you may say to just ignore him all together. Well, I tried that but it didn't work either. All that gains you is the dog still tugging at your cloths and then he'll just start barking at you to get your attention. Obviously this dog has more energy than it knows what to do with, and is cooped up in a store all day so I have to sympathize with it to a degree. I do have to blame the owner though. I'd say that this dog has been coming into this store for a year, and his behavior has hardly improved. Yet, even though I've heard that some customers won't come in without the dog being closed in another room, he's always still there. Also add in the fact that there is dog hair on just about anything you buy there and it really makes you wonder how someone can think it's a good idea to have the dog with them all the time. To me it just seems like a detriment to business. Office animals can be nice, but I just wish some were more responsible about it.


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