Thursday, November 6, 2014

Godless colleague

God and work... Sometimes it just doesn't mix. That's something Mrs. MC found out.
QUESTION: Why are some people so hostile toward God? A man I work with is like this; if someone even mentions God or Jesus in his presence he gets upset. I asked him once why he reacts this way, but his answer didn’t make any sense to me. — Mrs. M.C.
Define upset. I have to wonder, because while some Christians are fine when they hear you don't believe, others react to this news as if you had just murdered their child. To these people, the slightest thing is considered as being upset, or attacking God. 
ANSWER: Perhaps the reason his answer didn’t make any sense to you is because it doesn’t make any sense!
Or maybe it doesn't make sense to her because she didn't understand the answer, or simply didn't like it. It would help if we were actually told what the answer was. But in my experience, a believer not understanding my explanation has always had nothing to do with anything but them simply refusing to consider it at all.
In other words, his hostility toward God or Jesus isn’t based on logic or reason, but simply comes from his emotions.
Hostility? We don't know what was actually said to even know if there was any hostility!
He would probably deny this, of course, perhaps thinking he’s being very logical when he reacts this way. But in reality, he isn’t. Instead, he has a deep-seated hatred toward God, and whenever anyone even mentions God or says something favorable about Jesus, he lashes out in anger and hostility. 
Again, without knowing what transpired, we don't know that there was any anger at play.
He even refuses to consider the possibility that he might be wrong, and his mind is completely closed.
What?! That actually sounds more like almost ever Christian ever! Every Christian who I've ever asked has said they would never even entertain the possibility of being wrong. But just about every atheist will tell you that their mind can be changed with evidence.
Why is your colleague like this? Only he knows the answer (if he’s ever really thought about it). He may, for example, be reacting against his parents’ faith, or perhaps he likes to think he’s smarter than people who believe in God.
MC mentions God at work and a colleague speaks out against it. But what do they do? Could it be that MC works at a public school? Perhaps MC is promoting Christianity in the classroom and her coworker has simply told her that she shouldn't do it and is breaking the law. Maybe that's why MC doesn't understand his explanation. Because I've found that believers that violate the separation of church and state usually don't understand the separation of church and state.
Pray for this person; only God can break through the hard shell he’s built around his mind and heart, and convince him of his need of Christ.
Or pray that Thor will break through your hard shell with his mighty hammer... maybe?

-Brain Hulk

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