Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Is Atheist a Tragic Word?

Steve LeMay over at the Independent Mail seams to think so...
“Atheist” (no Creator God) is not a “dirty word” to a true believer as posed by a frequent evolutionist writer on March 27.
No, 'atheist' is not a dirty word. Nor does it mean what Steve thinks it means. 'Atheist' does not mean 'no creator god'. It means the lack of belief in any gods. There is no distinction made between creator gods and non-creator gods. We don't believe in any gods whatsoever.
Rather, it is a very tragic word since an atheist has to reject both the general revelation of the Creator in the creation itself and the special revelation of His Word in the Holy Scriptures.
While atheism does mean not believing in gods (creator gods included), that doesn't mean that atheists can't believe in a different kind of creator. While I don't personally hold to the belief, it is possible for an atheist to believe that humanity was created by an advanced alien race.

But may I ask what is tragic about Steve's assertion? How is not believing in the revelation of a supposed creator god tragic? Has he read the Bible? It's a terrible compilation of absurdities and falsehoods framed by the insane murderous bragging of a genocide leading god that defines monstrous.
Einstein acknowledged the first, but rejected the second — he was an “agnostic.”
Yes, he was. But so am I. But like Einstein, I'm also an atheist. You see, 'atheist' and 'agnostic' aren't mutually exclusive terms. They answer two different questions, so being agnostic doesn't preclude one from being an atheist. Atheism deals with belief. Agnosticism deals with knowledge. I do not believe in gods, so I am and atheist. But I do not know for a 100% fact that there is no god, therefore I'm also agnostic. Like Einstein, I am and agnostic atheist.
To claim that Jesus worshipped [sic] the Old Testament God shows the writer’s ignorance of Scripture. Jesus claimed to be God, accepted worship, manifested that truth by His miracles, and was declared to be God by His resurrection. He authenticated the Old Testament as the word of God that man is to live by.
Isn't interpreting the Bible fun! This is one area that splinters Christianity into different sects. Some think that Jesus was God. Some thing they were separate beings. And some still think that they were both the same and separate. But it seems that Jesus must have at least thought he was at least temporarily a separate being from God since he prayed to him, and even pleaded with him. If he thought he was God in the flesh, then he would have no need to pray to God or bargain with him.
If the writer has found the truth, as he claims and will give us his best “logical scientific question” he touts, we shall see which side has truth on its side.
Pro Tip: Just calling what you believe 'the truth' doesn't actually make it the truth. So even though Christianity calls Jesus 'the way, the truth, and the life' that doesn't prove anything. That's just marketing.
Instead of hiding behind a naturalistic “brick wall” and dissing Jesus and the Bible, how about giving us valid evidence of evolution truth.
There's an entire field called biology. Every heard of it? Ever seen a museum? There is so much evidence for evolution that one has to be extremely close-minded or willfully ignorant to completely deny it.
Explain the logic of how energy and matter created themselves out of nothing.
No one ever claimed that it was necessarily out of nothing, but that scenario has been compellingly explained by Lawrence Crouse (for starters). As for everything else... Ever hear of the Big Bang?
Then explain the logic of intelligent life apart from an omniscient Creator since a law of science is that life can only come from already existing life!
Intelligence is an emergent property of the brain. Also, science never said that life can only come from life. Life from life is obviously much much easier. But life can come from non life. When you get right now to it, life is all about chemistry. Very complicated chemistry, but still chemistry. Obviously someone needs to read up on abiogenesis.

-Brain Hulk

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