Tuesday, May 26, 2015

(Hide and) Seek the Truth

The Jehovah's Witnesses left another pamphlet in my door Saturday. This time it posed a simple question and an invitation to a gathering they are having. I wish they had come by when I was home, because I could have offered an answer to their question...
Why did Jesus come to Earth?
To save the world?
To rule the world?
To conquer the world?
None of the above! The obvious answer is that he came to Earth to become the undisputed hide and seek champion.

Think about it... Two-thousand years later and people are still asking random strangers if they have found Jesus. (Is someone offering a reward?)

There are people who have claimed to have found Jesus, but none have ever been able to prove it.

In fact he's so good at hide and seek that he hasn't even left any historical records behind to prove his existence or provide a clue as to just where he's been hiding.

But in all seriousness, the real question shouldn't be why did Jesus come to Earth, but did he ever come to Earth at all? After all, there isn't any actual proof for his existence, so that certainly is a fair question to ask.

-Brain Hulk

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