Saturday, June 27, 2015

Love Wins!

Friday June 26th, 2015 was a historic day here in the USA. The Supreme Court finally made the ruling that made same-sex marriage legal nation-wide. Because, you know, people should have to go through years of court cases in order to gain equal rights in a country that claims to guarantee it's people equal rights...

While this was a huge victory, it wasn't long until I saw people with their underpants in a knot because gay marriage clashes with their personal religious beliefs. Well there is an easy solution to that... If they don't believe in gay marriage, don't get gay married.

Then there's those that claim this is a religious rights issue, or claim that the government is now telling churches that they have to perform same sex-marriages. This is simply false. Churches did, and still do, have the right to not perform marriages that clash with their religious beliefs. If they want to, they can marry same-sex couples, but they aren't forced to. Legal and religious marriage are two very different things. But some people just don't want to hear that.

There are those that also cry that marriage is being redefined. They pretend that Christianity invented marriage, and that biblical marriage has always been one man and one woman. I simply ask those people to actually read their own damn holy book.

The fact that my wife and I got married (not same religion) means that marriage has been redefined.

The fact that people of different races can get married means that marriage has been redefined.

If you don't think a man can just give a woman's father some goats and a cow and now have a wife, you've redefined Christian marriage.

If you don't think a man should be able to rape a woman and then just pay the father and marry the rape victim as punishment, you've redefined Christian marriage.

If you don't think a man should have to marry his brother's wife should he die before she birthed him a son, you've redefined Christian marriage.

If you don't like polygamy, you've redefined Christian marriage.

If you don't think woman should be taken as wives as prizes of war,  you've redefined Christian marriage.

If you don't think a man should keep sex slaves as well as a wife/wives, you've redefined Christian marriage.

If you don't view marriage as a property transaction between a father and husband to be, you've redefined Christian marriage.

I could keep going, but it should be clear by now that 'Christian marriage' is a concept that is far from as clear cut as some would have you believe.

Then some ask, "What about polygamists?", "What if someone wants to marry a horse or a dog?" For the first one... I actually don't have a problem with people being in a relationship with multiple wives or husbands if it's all consensual. Obviously, this requirement would block the religious cults where the leader takes multiple child brides and the like. It's also ironic that these are also the biblical marriage types, yet they aren't aware that polygamy is biblical.

As for marrying an animal... I don't know what's worse. That the person making this argument doesn't know how bad it is, or that they are at least subconsciously equating homosexuals to the same status as other 'lower' animals. But lets get back to the obvious problem with this absurd argument. A horse can not consent to marriage. There are obviously other issues, but this should be an argument that gets stopped before it even starts. But some seem to let their hate run their mind rather than logic.

But luckily sanity prevailed, and marriage equality is now a reality across the United States. Love won. And that's what marriage is really about. Love. Nothing more, nothing less, and isn't that really enough?

-Brain Hulk

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