Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oh, Candada?

After the ruling by the US Supreme Court, that the Obama healthcare mandate was constitutional, there was one part of the fallout that I found rather amusing. The particular aspect I'm referring to, are those that opposed the decision and immediately cried that they are done with the US and are moving to Canada because of this ruling. Now, were these threats of picking up and moving to another country sincere? Likely not. Granted, I am tired of hearing from Republicans and Democrats alike that they are going to move to Canada when or if an election or ruling doesn't go their way. Of course, that's not the part I found amusing. That part was due to where they said they were moving in response to this particular ruling. These people were opposed to the mandate and the state getting involved in healthcare in general. Fair enough. However, it's the Canada bit that shows they aren't paying attention. If they don't like 'Obamacare', as it's been labeled, then they're really going to hate the Canadian healthcare system. While the US Supreme Court has upheld the Obama administration's healthcare reform, Canada's system means that the vast majority of citizens are covered under state run health coverage rather than private coverage like is found in the US. Talk about not paying attention to the facts before opening one's mouth.


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