Monday, July 30, 2012

Population... implosion?

My state actually voted to allow gay marriage this year, and of course there is Chik-fil-A all over the news right now. Now, those opposed to gay marriage took out a petition, so it will now be put on the ballot. This fact reminded me of a clueless customer we had at work one day. There are times where I really wasn't required to smile and not disagree with customers, and this was one..

My boss and I were helping a customer, and politics came up. Well, one topic lead to another and he said this 'gem':

"Within ten generations we won't have any kids in this country, and our population will be so low any country will be able to just walk in and take us over if we let abortion and gay marriage be legal. We just won't be making any kids in this county." 

Seriously? Does this guy actually believe that? Lets just take a moment to actually think for a second and look at facts. Abortion is already legal, and guess what? The national population is still going up year after year. That's because those that want abortions get them, and those that don't, well... DON'T! Imagine that... Also let me share a little secret about gays. Unmarried gay partners have sex with their gay partner and don't have kids (although, there are the odd few that do go into 'fake' marriages to hide their 'gayness'). Likewise, a married gay couple would have gay sex with their gay partner, equaling the production of zero kids as well. So married or not, gays have gay sex and any change in the populous will be negligible.

So in review, abortion is legal and our population continues to grow. Also, we've established that allowing gays to marry would equate to almost no change in child production. The issue is legality, not required. Abortion is LEGAL, not REQUIRED. If gay marriage were LEGAL, it isn't REQUIRED.  It's so simple, I have to wonder if this guy thinks about any of this stuff or is just repeating something he was told. I have a request for those that are anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage. Please, please, please tell people that say this kind of shit to shut up. They are not helping your cause at all, and are taking attention away from those that might have real, thought out points and arguments. I may or may not agree with what you have to say, but I can respect that as long as your argument is intelligible. I do the same with people that I actually agree with if their argument is a bad/illogical one.No matter how right/wrong someone may be, if you present and ignorant case, you won't be taken seriously, and rightfully so. 


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