Wednesday, August 14, 2013

On the seventh day...

...God rested? Wait... he rested!? I was just thinking the other day, and this thought just popped into my head. The absurd account in Genesis states that after God was finished creating everything in six day, he rested on the seventh. But Christians will tell you that God is all powerful. If he's all powerful, then God can't get tired. If he can't get tired, than he has absolutely no need to rest the regain his strength. Hell, if he was all powerful, he should be able to crate whole universes at a single though, and only in the fraction of a second. So I ask, why would all all powerful being ever require

Another example is in Judges:
And the Lord was with Judah; and he drove out the inhabitants of the mountain; but could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron.
-Judges 1:19
So...  your god can create a universe ex nihilo, he can flood the entire Earth, grant Moses the ability to part seas, but iron chariots are too much to handle? That sounds less like a god of unlimited power, and more like an impotent one. Heck, these days even the poorest military powers often poses tanks. If he can't handle iron chariots, then a legacy class tank would probably cause him to take a holy shit in his holy trousers. I can read the headline now, Ethiopia has 500 tanks, overthrows God.

Then there's the fuss about 'God being removed from schools' (lets skip that fact that God wasn't removed. We just say that the schools can't force religion and teach it as fact. Students can have all the religion they want in school.), and that being the reason shootings occur.  How weak do you really think your god is. So you think the shooter is perfectly powerful enough to walk past a sign that says 'no guns allowed', but God is powerless to stop the slaughter of innocent children because the school isn't allowed to be used as a church. If some random nut case can do something God can't, it makes him appear so weak that he might as well not even exist. Oh that's right... He doesn't!

This was just a quick thought I had that goes to highlight the fact that those that claim their god to be all powerful either don't know their Bible, or are ignoring these things out of convenience. Also, isn't it interesting to note, that as time has passed, the miracles attributed to God have become more and more pedestrian. He starts out by blowing his hole load with the creation of the universe, then he's a burning bush, turns water into wine, and now appears on grilled cheese sandwiches. Talk about sad... Ladies and gentlemen, I present the incredible shrinking God!

 -Brain Hulk

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