Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kirk Cameron: Lier or just oblivious?

The well known Christian actor has me questioning his honesty. No, I'm not talking about to controversy he brewed up when he claimed that facebook was censoring links to the site of his new movie amidst claims that his Christian message was being blocked... Seriously? How can anyone seriously claim that facebook is out to get Christian posts, links and, images? I know that religious postings on my feed are a common occurrence.

 Since he made his accusations toward facebook, the latter has stated that his site's URL was on their block list because it was once a spam site. Cameron had recently purchased the URL and converted it to the site for his film. The URL came up on facebook's filter and was temporarily blocked until they could verify the link. So while Cameron didn't fabricate the drama, he's sure dragging it on. In a new promo video for his movie, he refers to his video being banned on facebook and youtube even though he was now aware that no one was censoring him. He owes these sites an apology, but he instead plays the victim. I feel that speaks poorly of his character.

But that's not the subject of this blog. In that same video, he claims that he is a 'recovering atheist', and that there are two things that an atheist has to believe by faith in order to be an atheist. I've often doubted truth of his claims of formally being an atheist, but before you accuse me of he 'No true Scotsman fallacy', allow me to explain...

The first thing that he claims that atheists have to believe is that 'there is no God'. Hate to break it to you Kirk, but atheism requires no such thing. Atheism requires that you not believe in any gods, not the statement of certainty that they no not exist. Maybe that's a subtle difference to you, but it's a very important one. He is claiming that we are claiming a stance of certainty, but the truth is that the only ones claiming to absolutely know are the believers. While they aren't open-minded, we are. All we want is proof that there is a God. Provide that, and we'll no longer be atheist's. If you ask me, we're the ones that are being humble and honest. But the end truth is, that Cameron's claim about this atheist requirement is 100% wrong.

The second claim he makes is that in order to be an atheist, you have to 'hate God'... Wait, what? Kirk, has ofter said that when he was an atheist he hated God. Well Kirk, I've got news for you. You were never an atheist! In order to hate God, you have to believe in God. If you believe in God, you are a theist, not and atheist. Perhaps he was at a crossroads where he had questions with his faith, but he was never an atheist. I find it had to believe that someone that speaks out about atheists as often as he does is so oblivious to the facts. But he and his buddy Ray Comfort do seem to have a thing for perpetuating known false stereotypes and claims to push their agendas.

So in conclusion, Cameron is claiming that in order to be an atheist, you have to not be an atheist... To be honest, that makes as much sense as his usual arguments.

-Brain Hulk

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