Thursday, May 22, 2014

Atheist by Thanksgiving

A fellow called Bruce Bishop wrote a letter in to his local paper. In it he claims that colleges are on a mission to create America hating, socialist, atheists... Is this a joke?
Thousands of bright young people will head off to college this fall with smiles on their faces and Jesus in their hearts.

By Thanksgiving, many will be convinced that they are atheists. They also will be socialists, “peace activists,” anti-capitalists and “environmentalists” who are ashamed of their country.
I went to college. My wife went to college. Several people we know went to college. But none us were transformed into anti-capitalist America haters. And to tell the truth, I never saw a hint on the conspiracy that Bruce is positing.

Oh, and why is he saying 'peace activists' and 'environmentalists' as if those are bad things? Oh yes, those terrible environmentalists want to stop destroying our planet, and those dangerous peace lovers don't want to go about killing people for no good reason. Won't someone think of the children!

Granted, I realized my atheism around my college years, but that wasn't a direct result of college, or some anti-Christian scheme. Actually, religion was never touched on in a negative tone at all.
There are thousands of atheist/socialists teaching on college campuses who take great joy in converting our kids to their way of thinking.
Really? Because I've never seen any, nor has my wife... Or any college graduates that I know for that matter.
Their primary weapon is ridicule and the most “churchified” kids have little armor against it. Of course the “cool” kids will have already abandoned any moral or religious teachings, and thus contribute to the conversion of the innocent.
The enemy of religion is not this supposed ridicule that Bruce claims devout students are the victims of, but education. You see, the more actual facts that you learn, the less believable religion tends to become. And you know what? If your religion's greatest enemy is facts, then that should tell you something about your religion...

'Abandoned any moral teachings'? Really? He's breaking out the tired amoral atheist bit? How insulting. Too bad for him, the facts defy him again. Atheists can and usually are wonderfully moral people.

Also, why do I feel like he would consider it ridicule when a believer tells someone else how to live their life, and they reply by asking them to mind their own business?
While these know-it-all professors would be “owned” by real Christian apologists, our kids are no match for their combination of classroom authority and grading power.
Only so long as they come from the lands around them... Oh, you don't mean that kind of owned. Sorry, I got confused what with the Bible telling who you can own as a slave.

But seriously, I have easily poked holes in the arguments of many a religious apologist, and I'm no professor. Granted, theology interests me, and most professors are probably best versed in the field of study that they teach. But so what if a particular professor can't quote scripture? They are there to teach biology, accounting, nursing, etc... Not religion. Leave that to their personal pastor.
These professors are elitists who look down their noses at religious people as being backward and unsophisticated. The truth is, they are intellectually lazy and narrow-minded; otherwise they would see the overwhelming benefits of our Judeo-Christian heritage on our country, and on Western civilization.
Yeah... The people that went to school for all those years, and probably earned a doctorate are intellectually lazy... How did I never see that before?! We got it already Bruce, "Knowledge bad!"

Oh, and must I remind that the United States stated in our very first treaty that the US was 'in no sense founded on the Christian religion', and that the founders went out of their way to write a wholly secular Constitution? Sure, Judeo-Christian culture can have it's pluses, but it's negatives can't be ignored. We also shouldn't look past the fact that Christianity isn't needed in order to have those benefits either.
What drives these people is a need to feel superior. This is easy in front of a classroom full of college freshmen, the most clueless and easily manipulated creatures on the planet.
That's awful insulting to college freshmen! And I also find it odd that Bruce would take issue with the manipulating of the easily impressionable. What does he think churches are doing when they indoctrinate small children every Sunday?
The real driver, however, is socialism, driven by envy and a lust for power. These people have been told their whole lives that they are the“best and brightest.” Then someone asks, “If you are so smart, why aren’t you rich?”
Teaching facts is not bullying, persecution, or an attempt to
convert... It's the transfer of knowledge. Which is, after all,
what school is for. If you want to deny knowledge, why
go to college in the first place?
Their only answer to that question is to attack those who are rich by accusing them of cheating, stealing, exploitation and greed. Thus they are committed to tearing down what works (capitalism) and replacing it with something (socialism) that has failed every time it has been tried.
Again, I've never seen a sniff of this. Oh, and the two choices are not only mass income inequality under capitalism, and socialism. How about option three...? Fixing capitalism! As money has become more and more intertwined with politics, capitalism has become distorted and rigged if the favor of the 'haves' and against the 'have nots'. May I ask what is wrong with a returm to fair capitalism?

So despite what Bruce claims, atheist and socialist are not synonyms. And there is no mass conspiracy against Christianity in college. College is there to make kids smarter and better prepared for the real world. And if something as simple as knowledge causes a loss of belief, then those beliefs weren't exactly as obviously true as Bruce would have us believe.

-Brain Hulk

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