Monday, May 19, 2014

Is God still working miracles?

A reader of Billy Graham's asked him is God is still working miracles. I don't think it should come as any surprise that Billy's answer is 'yes'...
Q: Does God still do miracles, like He did in biblical times? If He does, why doesn't He do more of them? Maybe more people would believe in Him if He did. -- K.J.H.
'Still do miracles'?  Sorry KJH, but there's no proof that anyone has ever preformed a miracle... Ever!
A: God is not limited, and He is certainly able to work in miraculous ways today just as He did in biblical times, if He so chooses. If He didn't, why would we bother to pray when a loved one falls ill or God's work is opposed by evil forces?
He's not limited? This poor excuse of a deity is unable to defeat chariots that are fitted with iron (Judges 1:19), so I'd say he has plenty of limitations... Or is iron just his Kryptonite, so to speak?

Also, why people pray is a meaningless question when you consider that prayer simply doesn't work. But the usual underlying reason is a psychological coping mechanism. It may make some people feel at ease, but it's no more than a placebo effect.
At the same time, much of what God does in the world is hidden from us. Think, for example, of the work He has given His angels to do on our behalf. Occasionally they may make their presence known, but for the most part, they're hidden from us, and only in heaven will we understand how they protected us or delivered us from danger. Much of what they do could be labeled as miracles. The Bible says, "Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?" (Hebrews 1:14).
Seriously? Is Billy really arguing for secret miracles? I could argue that my big cat (lets call him Goddamnly Cat) works secret miracles as well. Hell, maybe he turns the knobs that control the universe and smites the damned... All secretly of course. Would Billy believe such a claim? Of course not! Yet the proof that the Goddamnly Cat performs miracles and God does are exactly the same. Remember, the invisible and non-existent look exactly the same. That goes for supposedly secret miracles as well...
Would more people believe in God or in Christ if they saw a miracle? Not necessarily. Countless people saw Jesus perform miracles, yet they refused to believe in Him or give their lives to Him. Don't let this be true of you!
Here's the thing... There is no proof that Jesus actually existed, let alone that he preformed miracles. If I witnessed a genuine miracle, I would believe. Simple as that. In fact, I wager that a proven and public miracle would change the minds of the vast majority of those that don't believe. After all, the one thing we are always asking for is evidence.
And on the seventh day, Goddamnly rested
The greatest miracle of all, however, is the miracle of a changed life -- and this can happen, as we open our hearts and lives to Christ. Do others see Christ in you -- His love, His compassion, His purity, His joy? Make sure of your commitment to Christ, then ask Him to change you from within by His Holy Spirit, and make you a living witness to the miracle of His transforming power.
Or the great miracle of a changed life after accepting the Buddha, Krishna, Allah, Goddamnly Cat, etc... If you call that a miracle, either all other Gods are also real or that feeling isn't a miracle at all.

-Brain Hulk

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