Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The sounds of atheism

Like most people, I love music. Everyone has their own personal tastes, but for me, it's rock music that I love. When it comes to music, I've heard it said that the believers have it better. That there are so many songs about faith, but none for non-believers. Sure, there are plenty of religious songs, but us atheists are far from left out in the cold. In fact, I have a playlist on my computer that is nothing but atheist themed music.

When it comes to Godless music, one of the bands with a lot of songs that fit the bill is Bad Religion. And if you prefer a bit of musical heathen humor, there is none better than the hilarious Tim Minchin. But there is so much more out there. Take the song that plays at the start of the Atheist Experience for example. Listen to Reason by Bryan Steeksma is a seriously good song.

Another artist that is very much worth a look is Shelley Segal. I heard of her for the first time when I attended the Reason Rally in 2012. Her album, An Atheist Album is a great collection that every non-believer should purchase and enjoy. Hard Believer by First Aid Kit, and Dear God by XTC are great, as is the atheist anthem Imagine, which was penned by the incomparable John Lennon.

But lets look at some hidden gems...

Sades of Grey -Billy Joel
Now with the wisdom of years, I try to reason things out
And the only people I fear are those who never have doubts
Save us all from arrogant men, and all the causes they're for
I won't be righteous again
I'm not that sure anymore
When I was young, I loved this song... Hell, the whole album. But it wasn't until I was older that I picked up on the meaning.

Heaven's a Lie -Lacuna Coil
Set me free
Your heaven's lie
Set me free with your love
Set me free
This was the first Lacuna Coil song I think I ever heard. They have since become a favorite of mine.

Atheist Like Me -Stanley Huang

I wanna believe in all the miracles too
I wanna believe in all the the fairy tales with you
I want the happy ever after really I do
But how can that be when I don't know if heavens true
But theses no eternity for an atheist like me

Dark Age -Burn the Rez
An ancient mythology will bring
Too many hollow remedies that prolong suffering
And still we indoctrinate another generation
To be misguided like we were

Don't wait to discover
Our future is facing an emergency
Know that faith is a virus
A world divided should bury the walls
Of invisible gods, just a fantasy
I actually just discovered this song the other day thanks the a post of the Friendly Atheist.  A solid modern rock song with a message I can get behind. Seriously, check it out.

Under the Sun -Coloursound
I don't want to live a future blinded by eternal faith
I want to live five minutes five minutes in the real world
I don't want to come again i don't need a second chance
I believe in one life one life one life only
Alive at the centre of everything
Under the sun is where I want to be under the sun
This one has to be right near the top of my atheist song list, and possibly may be my favorite song in general. Yet many people probably never heard of it. I've actually been a fan since before my personal realization that I was in fact an atheist. Coloursound was fronted by none other than Mike Peters of The Alarm (Who have always been a favorite of mine). Excellent rock with an infectious driving beat. Add in some great lyrics, and how can you go wrong?

There is a ton more atheist themed music out there, and a whole lot more by atheist artists. So please check these songs out, and support the creators. Also, if you know of some more atheist music tell me in the comments. I'm always game to add more tracks to my library!

-Brain Hulk

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