Thursday, July 31, 2014

A world government

The Jehovah's Witnesses dropped by again and left a little pamphlet in the door. This one was a bit different from the ones they usually leave though. The paper they left behind this time plainly stated, "A World Government. Why do we need one? Is it possible? Who is qualified to rule?" It then offered that I could hear the answers at a free public event at FedEx Field.

Not being one to drive into that mess of a gathering, I instead elected to look online to see what I could find. What I found was surprising. The JW's are now openly supporting the prospect of a world government. Unreal!

This is surprising to me because JW's are Christians. And the Bible actually warns of the adoption on one world rule as a sign of the end times. So this leads me to ask two questions.

1) Are they unaware of that prophecy?
2) Are they aware, but are actually trying to hurry along the end times?

Option one would show a breathtaking amount of ignorance of the book they supposedly follow. And the second would quite simply be sick! No, I don't think that a world-wide government would actually cause Jesus to descend from the sky, but what if they do?

To anyone with much sense, I would think that the end times as described in the Bible should be considered a bad thing. Terrible suffering and destruction everywhere, even if the believers are somehow left unaffected. To wish something like that would happen, and soon, sounds sick and uncompassionate to me. To additionally try to actively force this to happen only serves to ramp up the disgust factor for me. Well, so much for your friendly neighborhood JW's. It seems they've boarded the express train to crazy town...

-Brain Hulk

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