Monday, July 28, 2014

God and evil

This week Billy Graham answers a letter from a reader concerned about her health, and shows how poorly he knows his holy book in the process...
DEAR BILLY GRAHAM: My doctor just called to say I need to go back to the radiologist for another X-ray because something suspicious showed up on the first one. But I can’t face going back. I’m so frightened that I might have breast cancer. I know that’s stupid, but I can’t help it. Why is God doing this to me? — K.K.
KK's fear is understandable. But it's a fear that must be faced, because if the worst is true, simply running away will only make things worse.
DEAR K.K.: Elsewhere in your letter you mention that you’ve been following your doctor’s advice to have an X-ray every year, and I commend you for this. God gave our bodies to us, and he wants us to do everything we can to take care of them.

What exactly is it you think God is doing to you? Perhaps you’d answer by saying he’s giving you cancer, but that isn’t true. First of all, you don’t even know if you have cancer, and you won’t know until it’s been confirmed by further testing. But know that cancer is an evil disease, and God isn’t the cause of evil.
Well, the Bible says otherwise... In Isaiah 45:7, God has this to say:
I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.
Here we have Billy Graham saying that God doesn't create evil even though God plainly says that he did. So if we are going to pretend that the Bible is at all reliable, Billy is wrong and KK would be justified in thinking God gave her cancer.

We live in a world where things go wrong, and God may permit them to happen, but he isn’t to blame for them. The Bible says, “God cannot be tempted by evil” (James 1:13).

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Ignoring the fact that we just showed that God straight up claimed evil as his creation, there's another issue. God can't even be arsed to give a damn about evil. Oh, he could take care of the problem of evil (as defined by believers), but he simply chooses not to act at all. So much for being an all loving god.
But let me suggest what God may be doing to you, and that is sparing your life. What if this is cancer, but it remains undetected and untreated? You know the result, and God doesn’t want that to happen. Your fear is understandable, but God doesn’t want you to be paralyzed by fear.
Personally, I'd say that it's KK's doctor that's trying to save her life. You know, the guy or gal that's doing the tests, and utilizing their expertise to try and help KK. God helping those with cancer would look something more like no one ever getting cancer, or everyone's cancer suddenly disappearing. Go ahead and give the credit to God if you want, but I'll go ahead and give the credit to the physicians and surgeons that actually deserve it.

-Brain Hulk

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