Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The wizard of Nod

I think a fair number of us have looked at the Biblical land of Nod and left with plenty of questions. Questions like, where did the people of Nod come from? Where they simply decedents of Adam and Eve that were not mentioned in the Bible? But if that's the case, that means that the entirety of the world would have to have been populated by way of a massive amount of incest. Something that would have led to the result of a ton more people with physical and/or mental shortcomings and abnormalities.

...and poor Seth. Everyone always seems to forget about him.
When posed with the premise of the Earth being populated by way of incest, I've had theists tell me that the people of Nod were created by God separately of Adam and Eve. While this may take care of the Bible's first incest problem, it goes on to raise another one.

If Nod was populated by people that were not from Eden, they couldn't have eaten from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Likewise, if they weren't the children of Adam and Eve, they wouldn't be 'infected' with original sin.

While Cain did father children with women from Nod, what about those that didn't father children with him or his decedents? The people of Nod not being children of Adam and Eve leaves open the possibility of a lineage not effected by original sin.

So literal Christians are left with a choice to make. Either the Earth was populated by a level of incest that doesn't match the world we see, or original sin may not be as universal as typically taught. 'Sinful' reproduction with genetic ramifications, or the possibility that that there are those without the very original sin that Jesus supposedly died to cleanse. Choose wisely.

-Brain Hulk

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