Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Age of beliefs

One argument I sometimes hear from a believer trying to argue for the truth of Christianity is it's age. It will usually be stated like this... "Christianity has been around for so long. If it wasn't true, it wouldn't have lasted 2,000 years."

This is a strange argument to make, since people have believed all kinds of silly and incorrect things for long periods of time prior to finding out that they were wrong. For long periods of time everyone thought the Earth was flat. The same was true for belief in geocentrism. These were things that were wrong that were believed for a long time, but the evidence eventually came along that revealed the long overdue truth.

Ah, but that's not religion... Maybe the believer before you feels that the rules are different there since religion requires faith. That if a religion isn't true, it wouldn't last that long. Okay, lets test that out. Lets look at popular religions that are still existent today. Christianity is about 2,000 years old, so we'll use that as our benchmark.

Shintoism is 2,514 years old. In 520 BCE, Buddhism was founded. So that religion is 2,534 years old. Confucianism is 2,565 years old. Judaism goes back 3,314 years. But even if Christians were to try and lay claim to Judaism to make their religion look older, they still loose out to one religion with hundreds of millions of followers.

The title of the oldest existent religion goes to Hinduism. A religion that is still going strong after at least 6,000 years! So Hinduism is about three times as old as Christianity, and close to twice as old as

So there you have it, Christians that claim that their religion's age equates to truth. Hinduism is the oldest religion of all. So put down those Bibles and bow down to Brahman, Vishnu, Shiva, Krishna, Ganesha, etc.

-Brain Hulk

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