Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ten Commandments... not religious?

Tim Guffey (R) is an Alabama county commissioner, and he recently made a very strange statement. He is proposing a 'historical documents monument' at a Scottsboro courthouse. That doesn't sound like a big deal until he shares his plans...
How can these NOT be religious when the first four are
about God and honoring him?
What I’m trying to do is erect a monument of historical documents. It’s the Constitution, the Ten Commandments and the Declaration of Independence. I feel like that’s what this country was founded on. These documents helped America become the greatest country in history.
Huh? How can the Ten Commandments even be considered a historical document? There is no proof that they ever existed as an actual document. They only come to us as a religious story. It's inclusion would quite simply be a violation of the Constitution. Also, what about other historical Documents? The Bill of Rights, Gettysburg Address,  Emancipation Proclamation, the Magna Carta, etc...
The Ten Commandments is a historical document (in this context) and it has nothing to do with religion.
There is no evidence they existed as claims. Religion is the only context in which they exist!
It shows that these founders had great beliefs in God and the Ten Commandments and His Word and it helped them get to the point where they were. And I feel like taking that document out, if that document wasn’t there to guide them, then our Constitution wouldn’t be what it is today…But I don’t see how I could do the other two and not do that one and be truthful about it.
What!? Many of the founders were deists, not Christians. Thomas Jefferson, the primary author of the Declaration of Independence was often critical of Christianity. He even wrote his own version of the Bible where he removed all the magic and miracles. All that remained were the teachings of Jesus as no more as a mortal man. Also, if the Ten Commandments guided and inspired the founders, they had a funny way of showing it. The Ten Commandments state that you must not have any other gods. Yet the founders gave the people of the United States the freedom of religion. This is actually a direct contradiction. To say that a 'document' that says that you may only have one particular religion inspired another one that grants the freedom to hold any or no religion is quite laughable if you ask me!

-Brain Hulk

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