Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pick, choose, ignore...

One thing that every non-believer will notice is that believers sure seem to love picking out parts of their religion to follow, and simply ignore others. While one bunch simply pretends that the bad parts of the Bible simply don't exist, another group will opine that yeah, there are parts they don't like, but that the good parts outweigh them.  But does that really make sense?

Suppose you are looking for a TV for your young daughter's room. You find an amazingly perfect TV that seems too good to be true, and at an amazing price. This TV wirelessly downloads every cartoon that a child could want to watch on it's massive hard-drive for free. It has an ultra sensitive solar panel on it and super long life battery, so it never even needs to be plugged in. It sounds amazingly perfect, and is even priced cheaper than your everyday average TV. It seems like a no-brainer, right?

Most would look at all these positive points, but there is a catch. While the TV does all those things wonderfully, it also has a mind of it's own. At some random point every single day, the TV will turn its self on, turn the volume all the way up and play hard-core porn for a full hour. It will also refuse to turn off until that hour has been exhausted. Now would you give that TV to your daughter?

Right now, anyone with any sense is saying "Of course not!" Yet, in a way, that's exactly what many believers do. They hand their young son or daughter a holy book and tell them this is the best story ever told. Sure, they may find enjoyment in parts, and may even find passages to be uplifting or inspiring. But at any moment they could flip to a page condoning slavery, marginalize rape, describing genitalia and ejaculation, or depictions of gruesome and barbaric acts of murder.

The threat is even there in a children's Bible. The majority of the disturbing stories are left out. Yet
they will always include thinly veiled stories of mass genocide and ritual human sacrifice.

So I ask, if a parent would decline giving a child that young the porno TV, why force the Bible of a child too young to really understand it? Why not let them grow up to an age where they can make sense of what they are reading, and be better able to handle the ugly parts within? Just as pornography is something more appropriate and understandable to an older demographic, should we not treat the introduction to religion in a similar manner?

-Brain Hulk

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