Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Begging for Christmas

Many of you have likely heard that Kirk Cameron has another poor excuse of a movie out. Saving Christmas is a film that's supposed counter the fact that much about the way we celebrate Christmas is actually stolen from the Pagans and has little to nothing to do with Christ. Yet in his movie Cameron decides to ignore history to instead lie and claim that everything about Christmas is about Jesus.
Somehow this is the actual movie poster and not that
of a parody mocking this movie!

Now, Kirk being wrong and deliberately dishonest is nothing new. But the issue that has come up is Cameron crying foul over ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. He is claiming that his film having a user
rating of 33% fresh is due to the work of hateful atheists giving the movie a bad rating out of spite without ever seeing the movie. And it is true that an atheist facebook group did post about bringing the score down. But why is that? Was is simply to spite Kirk and his movie? The answer is no.

You see, Saving Christmas was sitting with a user rating of almost 50% when Kirk went to facebook and asked his fan-base to 'storm the gates of Rotten Tomatoes' to rate the movie well to get a more favorable score. All of a sudden the score shot to 94% fresh. So Kirk asked his fans to rate his film. And considering that it only showed in 410 theaters nationwide, most of them never even saw the film either. So isn't Christians reviewing a movie that they didn't see bearing false witness?

This blatant plea to artificially skew the rating is what caused the atheist group to act. They decided to counter Kirk's false voting with their own and the film's rating now sits at 33%.

Granted, there were some tactics employed by both sides that have left the user rating an unreliable indication. But does that really matter? After all, all signs point to it being a terrible movie. I have not read a positive review on it from any review site. Even on rotten tomatoes, it has a dire 8% rating from actual critics, and an even worse 0% from the top critics that gave rated it.

If the pictures Kirk often posts don't say 'attention whore', I
don't know what does.
The reviews talk of how poorly the movie was made, how bad the acting was, and how the chief message is not only wrong, but annoying even to Christians. This is a fact that is further highlighted by the Christian blogs I've found that talk about how they also hated the movie, that it is factually wrong, and that Kirk is just making all Christians look bad and uninformed by pretending to speak for the whole religion.

So in the end we have Kirk badmouthing atheists for employing the exact same tactics that he did, and that his terrible movie is now has a bad user rating to match the abysmal rating that the professional critics had already given it. Would Kirk just please go away and stop being an annoying dishonest attention hound?

-Brain Hulk

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