Friday, March 6, 2015

Billy Graham: Atheist Nephew

QUESTION: My nephew says he’s an atheist and doesn’t want anything to do with religion or religious people. If someone wants to be religious, that’s their business, he says, but he resents people trying to change him. How can I convince him he’s wrong? — Mrs. G.B.
Sounds to me that Mrs. GB is rather meddling. Why is it a problem if her nephew is an atheist? And why is it so surprising to her that he resents people trying to change him. What if the roles were reversed? Would Mrs GB be perfectly happy with her nephew trying to force her to become an atheist?  Perhaps she needs to think for a moment before issuing silly complaints.

I can't really fault her nephew. No doubt he feels that way due to to believers continuously trying to convert him rather that letting him lack belief in the same way that he's happy to just let believers believe. Personally I think that Mrs GB is being selfish and arrogant. But if she really does want to change his mind there is one way. Prove that her god exists! Just do that, collect her Nobel Prize and destroy atheism in one fell swoop. That should be pretty easy if her religion actually is true...
ANSWER: You probably can’t convince him; from what you say, your nephew is determined to run his own life, and he doesn’t want God or anyone else to interfere.
This absurd little nugget again? So tell me, are Billy (and all other Christians) simply determined to run their own lives and just don't want Krishna interfering? Two can play at that ridiculous little game...
But God can convince him, and that’s why the most important thing you can do is pray for your nephew.
So why the hell hasn't he done it yet? Many of us have been waiting a very long time. But there is another easy way to convince us. Just show us the proof. Prove that God is real and I'll believe. Simple as that. So what are you waiting for?

-Brain Hulk

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