Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Billy Graham: Skepticism

DEAR BILLY GRAHAM: I admit I haven’t been a very good husband, and finally my wife walked out on me a few months ago. It really shook me, and now I’m sure I’ll be different. But how can I get my wife to take me back? She doesn’t believe me when I say I’ve changed. — D.L.
I don't know what DL did, but if his wife doesn't believe he has changed there may be only one way to show he has changed (if he has). Prove it! Show that he's changed...demonstrate it. Not put on an act, mind. That would be dishonest and the charade would eventually be exposed. So it is imperative that the change actually be real before trying to convince anyone.
DEAR D.L.: I don’t know your full situation, of course, but can you honestly blame your wife for being skeptical? You’ve probably told her before — perhaps dozens of times — that you’d change your ways, and yet apparently you never did.
Oh the irony! Billy Graham not faulting someone for being skeptical!? Yet how often does he comment negatively in his columns about atheists who do just that? Like DL's wife, we are skeptical. Like her, we also haven't seen any proof of what it is that we're seeking an answer to. For DL's wife, it's proof that he's actually changed rather than simple claims. For us we want proof that there is a God rather than the same old unfounded claims. So Billy, take a word of your own advice and stop blaming us for being skeptical.

-Brain Hulk

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