Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Billy Graham: Christ the Only Foundation?

Q: I don't think it really matters exactly what religion we profess or what our precise beliefs are. In my view, what God rewards is our sincerity, not our particular set of beliefs. — Mrs. H.F.
This would certainly be a fair way to distribute reward. But Mrs HF seems to have missed the fact that (according to Christianity) God isn't fair. In Christianity it doesn't matter how good you are. Just believe in and accept Jesus and you're all set. Unfortunately that means that good people that don't believe get punished, while a murderer that does believe receives reward.
A: Have you ever asked yourself why you don't apply this idea to any other part of your life? For example, would you honestly say it doesn't matter what the pharmacist puts in your prescription, as long as she's sincere? Or it doesn't matter what you put in your gas tank, as long as you're sincere?
So... Billy managed to completely cock up that metaphor. Mrs HF isn't suggesting anything close to what Billy is saying. Saying that it doesn't matter which religion is not like saying it doesn't matter what medication you take. You see, religions are all offering the same thing... Eternity. So Mr Graham's pharmacist analogy fails. A more accurate analogy would be if your pharmacist gives you the name brand prescription or the generic. They will both do the same thing, the only question is which will cost you more.

The gas analogy is also terrible. If he wanted to draw an equivalency to Mrs HF's suggestion, the analogy should be that it doesn't matter if you get 87 octane regular from  Exxon, Sunoco, BP, or Shell. So the question is this... Does Billy not realize that he is horribly distorting what Mrs HF is suggesting, or is he actually as dishonest as I suspect he is?

-Brain Hulk

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