Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Darwin Day 2014

On this day in 1809, a great mind was born (two actually... Araham Lincoln was born the same day). That name that would revolutionize biology, and would be well known for one of the singularly most important discoveries in science was none other that Charles Darwin.

Obviously Darwin is best known for formulating the theory of evolution by way of natural selection in his book On the Origin of Species. While I have read Darwin (On the Origin of Species, and The Decent of Man), I will say that I found his works somewhat laborious to read. But as true as that was, it was also just as true that the conclusions and examples given were very clear and showed their point well. Since then, evolution has been supported by mountains of evidence that have only gone to prove that Darwin was correct. But this entry isn't about evolution in general, but Darwin Day.

Considering how important Darwin has been to history, I think it's fitting that he receive recognition with his own holiday. For that reaso9n, I fully support NJ Rep. Rush Holt's (D) proposal to designate February 12th as Darwin Day. Mr. Darwin did give us advances in science, but he did more. He followed the words of Jefferson, "To question with boldness, everything". He could have simply fallen in line with the thinking of his devout wife and those around him. But he bravely followed the evidence wherever it led him. He did not set out to challenge creationism... the evidence he gathered simply led him to the truth that is evolution.

Sure, many believers deny evolution. But shouldn't the mindset of bravely perusing the truth be one that is celebrated and encouraged? So I stand with Holt, I feeling that Darwin should be honored not just for his scientific contributions, but his bravery as well.

Sadly, doesn't have any events scheduled close enough for me to attend today. But I encourage you to remember and honor this great scientist that is found on £10 banknote in whatever way you can. Read one of his books, attend an event, or maybe do like me and fly a UK flag on Feb. 12th and watch the Darwin movie Creation, starring Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly (featuring Benedict Cumberbatch) as I typically do every year. Whatever you do, I think that Charles Darwin is very deserving of being honored, whether it be with an official holiday, or an informal one. Here's to you Chuck!

-Brain Hulk

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