Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Questioning Darwin

It turns out the HBO aired a creationist Christian 'documentary' entitled Questioning Darwin. I heard it was pretty unbelievable at times, so I had to take a look and see. The clips of children being blatantly brainwashed was rather unsettling. Very much so in fact. But here are some of the most out
there bits that were most worth mentioning...

1) At one point, a pastor said that if the Bible said that 2+2=5, he would believe it and not question it. What the actual what!? Seriously? How willingly ignorant can you be? He is literally saying that he would ignore reality in favor of what the Bible says. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise since that's what creationists are doing when they deny evolution. But to so openly admit that they would deny something so obvious is rather telling indeed.

2) One person started out by stating that non-believers/evolutionists say that humans are another animal species. But then he says that God made mankind in his image. So if humans are just supposed to be animals, are they saying that God is an animal? Wait... he does realize that atheists don't believe in God, right? I don't think God is an animal, because I don't think he exists at all. As for God creating us in his image... You have that backward. In fact, it's us who created God in our image.

3) Another person they interviewed said that they couldn't imagine that humans could have evolved from apes, and them from a different creature, and them from a simpler creature. She even went so far to call evolution 'crazy'. Yes, lets just ignore that fact that it takes million and millions of years for that kind of change to take place, and the fact that there is tons of evidence that it actually happened that way.

 Okay, she doesn't think it's believable. So what does she find believable? That man was created from dirt and women from a rib bone. Yes because magic instantly making intimate matter into fully formed humans somehow makes so much more sense than slight change among living generations over time... Did I just his my head? Because I personally don't see how a rib woman is more believable than wolves being bread and domesticated into the many dog species we see today. If one of those is 'crazy', I think it's pretty obvious which one it is.

4) And not to stop there, the same woman from the last statement said that she wants to send a message to Mr. Darwin and those like him. She wants them to try Christ and witness his transformative power and see if they still feel the same. Please tell me this is a joke... She's going to have a lot of trouble reaching Darwin considering that he died in 1882. Also, he was a Christian before he developed his seminal theory. He even briefly studied to be a parson. So I'd say that he gave Christ plenty of a try.

As for atheists, most of us came from one religion of another. In the USA, most of us (like myself) are former Christians. In fact, some wish that Christianity was true, but just can't believe it. I must also ask, what of the Christians who actually do the honest thing, and accept the evidence for evolution? They gave Christ a try, are still Christians and realize that it would be folly to deny something as well proven as evolution.

There was plenty more wrong and frustrating about this so-called documentary. But pointing out everything wrong with it would probably amount to a book.

-Brain Hulk

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