Monday, February 24, 2014

Will we be perfect in Heaven?

A reader asks Billy Graham if we will all be perfect in Heaven, and it's obvious he didn't think very long about what he said in reply...
QUESTION: Will we be perfect when we get to heaven? I can’t imagine being instantly free of all the things I know aren’t right in my life. Maybe we’ll just slowly get better and better in heaven, because we’ll have more time to become good. Could my theory be right? — Mrs. Y. McM.
Sorry you picked Heaven, but Valhalla is the real one.
I think that the real question that should be asked here isn't what Heaven will be like, but is Heaven even real?  And the answer to that question as best we can tell is, probably not. There is no evidence for there being an actual Heaven. Just like Valhalla, Paradise, Elysium, the Land of the Dead, the Summerland, and the various forms of reincarnation, there is no evidence these are real places or things.

Why would I want to waste my time working toward securing eternity in Heaven on;y to find it was really Valhalla I should have been longing for? Don't make quick assumptions. Instead, do research and find out if what you believe is actually true, or simply what you want to be true.

ANSWER: No, your theory isn’t right, and the reason is because in heaven we will be in God’s presence forever – and no sin can exist in His presence. God is absolutely holy and pure; as the Bible says, “Your eyes are too pure to look on evil; you cannot tolerate wrongdoing” (Habakkuk 1:13).
And the world as well see it every single day disproves that Bible quote in one fell swoop. There will be no sin in Heaven because God is there? He can't see or tolerate wrongdoing, so there's no sin in his kingdom? Um... What difference would it make where God resides in regard to that passage? When I was a young boy going to CCD school we had it drilled into our heads that God is everywhere at all times, and sees everything everywhere (In fact, two local churches have 'God is everywhere' displayed on their message signs) . You know, the know omnipresent and omniscient jazz.

If God's eyes are to pure to look on evil, and he can't tolerate evil, but God is everywhere always, then there should be no evil. Yet we can turn on the news every day and see that there is evil in the world. So either God tolerates evil in contradiction to Habakkuk 1:13, or God doesn't see everything which kills the claims of him being omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.

An when you think about it, isn't tolerating wrongdoing the whole sell that Christianity uses? We are told that we are all born sinners. That we all sin and are deserving of Hell. But accept Jesus' brutal and barbaric 'sacrifice' and God will forget all about all your sins. Sorry, but forgiving sins is the same as tolerating them. Yet again we see Habakkuk 1:13 shown to not even be supported by it's own book's theology.
Yes, we will be perfect and without sin in heaven. I can barely imagine this, but it’s true, and this should encourage us every day. Think of it: Not only will all wrongdoing be banished, but everything that happens now because of sin’s grip on this world will be gone forever. Illness and death will be destroyed; sorrow and disappointment will be no more; the faults in our characters will be transformed.
We will be perfect in God's eyes? All our character flaws will be removed? It sounds to me like everyone will be exact copies of one another. What makes one person distinct from the next will be stripped away. I would cease to be 'me'. I'm sorry, but that doesn't sound appealing in the slightest. In fact, it sounds quite boring indeed.
All of this is possible because Jesus Christ took all our sins away when He died on the cross for us. He not only came to forgive us; He also came to cleanse us of our sins and make us fit for heaven. Is your faith and trust in Him?
Heaven is our hope, but in the meantime, God wants us to live for Him right now. Is this your goal? Make certain of your commitment to Christ, and then rejoice that someday you will go to be with Him forever in heaven – fully cleansed of every sin, and perfect in His sight. In that day, the Bible says, “we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is” (1 John 3:2).
Graham is right on one thing. When we die, we will become just like God. Because at that time, we too will cease to exist.

-Brain Hulk

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