Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hobby hypocrisy

As most everyone knows, Hobby Lobby has taken the fight against women's health to the Supreme Court. They argue that the requirement to cover birth control in the healthcare plans they provide to employees is a violation of religious freedom. It isn't, of course. But they are still demanding a religious exemption. Now... religious organizations, such as churches, are exempt from this requirement due to the religious freedom issues. A church is inherently religious after all.

However, Hobby Lobby is a craft store. Sure, the owners may be religious, but it isn't a religious organization. We should actually hope that the court rules that the owners of a business do not earn the right to project their beliefs on those that work for them. This issue could go much further, but lets focus on just healthcare for the time being...

Okay, so the owners of Hobby Lobby are Christians that have a 'moral' stance against the use of birth control. What they want is the power to tell their employees to conform to their beliefs rather than their own. Hobby Lobby argues that it doesn't want to cover birth control because of their religion. But what if you work for a Jehovah's Witness? If Hobby Lobby got their way, the Jehovah's Witness employer would be allowed to deny coverage of a needed blood transfusion. Give this same power to a Christian Scientist, and your healthcare now only covers prayer and no actual medical care. But why stop at religion. What if a vegetarian boss has a 'moral' stance as well. Congratulations, the treatment of any illness related to the consumption of meat is no longer covered.

But wait... The Hobby Lobby issue gets murkier. The craft retailer offers their employees a 401(k). A plan that invests money into the companies that make birth control devices, emergency contraceptive pills and drugs used in abortion procedures. Oh, and they match employee contributions. Over the years, Hobby Lobby has actually invested millions of dollars in these firms ($73 million since Dec. 2012). So wait... it's okay for them to make money off of investing in birth control companies, but it's not okay that they have to cover that same birth control in their own healthcare plans?

Additionally, Hobby Lobby already used to voluntarily cover birth control in it's health plans, prior to the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Suddenly, they are outraged that they will be required to cover something that they already covered of their own accord? Am I missing something here?

Okay, so Hobby Lobby covered birth control, and even invested in it. Suddenly, the second they are told they have to cover it, they lose their shit and talk about how evil it is to their religious beliefs. I hate when people jump to claiming racism to be the motivation of something when there's no evidence of it. But could this sudden and hypocritical about-face have something to do with the fact that the dark-skinned Democrat that some pretend is a Muslim is the one that said they had to do it the reason? Or is it just because of dirty political games?

Whatever the reason, Hobby Lobby is guilty of committing the heights of hypocrisy.They don't want to cover birth control that they used to cover voluntarily. Oh, and the birth control companies that they are rallying against make them profits off their investments. Sounds to me that Hobby Lobby's real prophet is profit. Do as we say, not as we do, and whatever makes them a buck. Hobby Lobby are clearly hypocrites, and I surely hope they lose their case... for all our sakes.

-Brain Hulk

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