Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Humble or arrogant?

Is it arrogant for some believers to claim they have all the answers? Let's ask Billy Graham...
Q: I get very upset at people who claim they have all the answers to life because they supposedly know God. To me, that's arrogant. And anyway, what right do they have to tell me how to live? I don't tell them how to run their lives.
 Yes, it is arrogant. You may often hear me talking about science, and a believer could try and claim that science is arrogant because it tries to say it has the answers. But I'd greatly disagree. While science does provide many an answer, it doesn't claim to have them all. There are some questions to which science answers, "We don't know yet." Science will keep working though... Trying to solve those riddles.

A creationist may cite evolution and say that science claims it has the answer. True, what science has found points toward evolution being the undoubted truth. But that's not arrogant at all. While science (and anyone paying attention) will tell you evolution is true, science also says that any theory can be proven wrong. Don't believe in evolution? Prove it wrong! Bring on whatever proof you may claim to have and we'll test it. If it turns out that you are right, history will be made, and science will be forced to change or even discard the theory to match the evidence.

Science admits it can be mistaken and is open to being changed. That's the very opposite of arrogance. Meanwhile, religions will oft have their static rules, judgements and commands. They will tell you how to live, and no evidence will ever change their minds. Their way is the only way, and all those other religions that feel exactly the same way are all wrong. So yes, it is arrogance served up with a healthy dose of cognitive bias.
A: No true Christian should be arrogant or proud - not if they understand what the Bible says. Pride is a sin in the eyes of God, and the Bible says it even cuts us off from Him. The Bible warns, "The Lord detests all the proud of heart" (Proverbs 16:5).
Because there is nothing more arrogant than admitting that
I don't know everything. Nope, saying you know it all and
can't even be questions is so humble...
 I see we're off to a splendid start already. One sentence in and Graham has already committed the no true Scotsman fallacy. Sorry Billy, but to be a Christian you must only accept Jesus Christ as you lord and savior. You don't get to redefine being Christian to fit your own agenda. Why not just admit that there are good Christians, as well as bad?
Why shouldn't Christians be proud? One reason is because we can never claim to be perfect. No matter who we are, we're still imperfect and sinful in God's eyes. Furthermore, we know we are saved only because of God's grace and mercy, and not because we're better than anyone else. Humility and gentleness should be the marks of anyone who seeks to follow Jesus, not pride and arrogance. The Bible says, "It is by grace you have been saved, through faith... so that no one can boast" (Ephesians 2:8-9).
Wait... Humility, gentleness and not thinking you're better than anyone? A real Christian (Can I get that at my local grocer next to RealLime and RealLemon?) shouldn't tell you how to run your life? Pardon me, but what exactly does Graham think he's doing with his column? The very purpose of it is to tell people what he thinks they should do! And what part about saying that those that don't believe as he does have the 'hardest hearts', is humble? Billy said that just last week. What about constantly telling people they are helpless, even worthless, without God? Guess Graham isn't a real Christian then...
My real concern, however, is that you would look past the failures and faults of some who may have offended you, and look instead at Jesus. Have you ever done that? When you do, you'll discover a truth that could change your life: God loves you, and He wants what is best for you.
 Yes, turn your life over to Jesus (Just as I did for many years of my life. Funny how that didn't stick...) or Thor, of Krishna, or Helios, or Zeus, or the Buddha. They are all equally as evidenced after all. And just ask the believers of any and they will tell you stories of their transformative power. Odin be praised!
Don't center your life on yourself, constantly demanding to have your own way. If you do, eventually you'll find you're on a dead-end road. Instead, face honestly your need for God, and open your heart and life to Jesus Christ. He'll not only forgive your past, but He will give you a whole new purpose in life.
Christianity: Because there's nothing arrogant about thinking that a universe
of hundreds or billions of galaxies (each with hundreds of billions of stars) is
all here just for us, even though we're stuck on one planet orbiting one star.
No... Not arrogant at all...
Exactly! Don't do what you want to do... Do what Billy Graham want's you to do. He so kindly tells you in the newspaper every day just how to live and how wrong everyone who doesn't feel the same is. Sure, he hides behind a God and claims he's just the messenger.

But let's face it, if he's supposed to be an example of what opening your heart to Jesus will do to you, who would really want to become a self serving fellow that sits around telling everyone how to live their lives, and simultaneously pretends that his advice is beyond reproach? Seriously, if Billy Graham is supposed to be a symbol of Christian acceptance and love, he's doing quite the terrible job. Because what I see is a old man that thinks he has all the answers... has it all figured out, yet ignores the glaringly obvious truth that he hasn't the foggiest.

-Brain Hulk

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