Thursday, January 15, 2015

500 Posts

Yup, this is my 500th entry on this blog! To tell you the truth, when I started this page I thought I'd be out of things to write about somewhere closer to 50. While some of the news items have been aggravating, penning these blogs has been fun. That said, I plan to write a bit less for the next while. There are a few reasons, but the main one is time... I don't have enough of it!

My wife had suggested that I compile the many thoughts I have here into a book, and I've done that. Months ago actually... But the rough draft has sat unedited and I really do need to get around to that if I ever hope to actually publish it. The funny thing is that it doesn't even have a title yet. Maybe that's something I'll ask for ideas on once I have it edited and ready for formatting and cover design.

Then there is another funny little side project that popped into my head all of a sudden. In fact, it may end up being a joint project between me and my multi-talented wife.

So the plan for now is to post 2 or 3 blogs a week instead of the typical 5 a week that I've been writing. Hopefully this will allow me to get these other projects done, get to sleep at a proper hour, and get around to my growing pile of books that I want to read.

So this is me saying thanks for reading these first 500 posts, and looking forward to the next 500, even if it may take a bit longer.

-Brain Hulk

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