Monday, January 12, 2015

Billy's Bad Answers

Time for more questions posed to Billy Graham...
Q: The holidays were really bad for me, because my company laid off a number of employees (including me) just a few weeks before Christmas. I'll get unemployment benefits and all that, but I feel so useless and depressed. You'll probably tell me to pray, but I don't even feel like it. What should I do? — H.T.
Life can be tough, no doubt. Many also feel depressed and defeated within jobs and without, and  many can surely relate. Some would simply state that it could always be worse, so you should look at the bright side. But I've never personally found that sentiment helpful. I don't think praying is the answer, so don't waste the time.

Take this as a chance to ask yourself if the career you were in is still the one for you. If not, see what you can do to transition to one you will enjoy. If the cost is prohibitive to change now, or if HT already likes what he does, the answer is to simply start the job search. What's available will certainly depend on the career and area, but that's the logical thing to do.
A: You're right: I do urge you to pray — because when we pray, we're admitting that we're helpless and can't solve our problems on our own. Isn't that your situation?
Actually no, that's not the situation here. HT was hit with losing his job at possibly the hardest time of the year for that to happen. This has left him depressed. He's not saying that there's nothing that can be done, and I've already illustrated that he does have a few options available.

And how is God the answer when so many teachings tell us of humanity as worthless and powerless on their own? I wouldn't consider that a healthy thing to tell someone who is already depressed.

DEAR BILLY GRAHAM: My cousin wants nothing to do with God. If he were a bad person or had messed up his life, then maybe he’d realize he needs God. But he’s not this way, and he just laughs at me and says he doesn’t see any reason to bother with God. How can I convince him otherwise? — A.G.
I don't think that sign means what they think it means...
Sounds like a kid that's on the right track to me... Why do so many Christians think that someone has to be broken in some way if they don't believe in God?
DEAR A.G.: You may not be able to convince him; it’s very hard to persuade an independent, successful, self-sufficient person that he or she really needs God. Their problem is pride, and pride refuses to make room for faith.
And Billy knows this how? I could easily offer the snarky response that maybe it's not pride that is
getting in 'the way', but rather reason or knowledge...

-Brain Hulk

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