Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Atheist to a Christian

Books World ran a story about a new book about an atheist who became a Christian. These books are a dime a dozen, and are often either forgettable, somewhat dishonest or are complete fabrications. But which way does it look like this book will go?
Author Levi Matthew hopes to reach even one atheist who might be curious about Christianity with his new book, "An Atheist to a Christian: One Man's Journey to God"
Um... Most atheists are interested in Christianity, or were Christians. So why does this seem worded as if curious atheists are a rarity?
"I lived the Atheist experience," Matthew says. "Since I was an atheist, I think this book will cause a spark in our society."
I highly doubt it, seeing how many books of this type there are. Likewise, There are also tons of Christian to atheist books. So is Levi afraid of those books causing 'counter-sparks'?
Matthew grew up in an unhappy home, all the while just wanting to be loved like other children. A friend introduced him to God at age 7, but he didn't know much about God and the Bible and he spent his teen years struggling to fit in and believe in God.
I'm sorry to hear Levi didn't have a happy childhood, but from what this preview is saying it sounds like he was an atheist by default (since all are born atheist) and because he never learned religion in his youth. In my opinion this isn't a very impressive position to be starting his conversion story from.
"I can relate to what atheists are thinking," Matthew says. "Atheists are scared that if God does exist, that they will be in Hell."
Apparently he can't relate to what we are thinking, as evidenced by that quote. I don't know one atheist that is worried about going to Hell. In order to worry about Hell, you must believe that it is a real possibility. I, and other atheists, don't. If I'm wrong and there is a God, I don't fear Hell. I'll accept whatever fate befalls me. Actually, believe it or not, the 'what if?' scenario of ending up in Heaven would be more hypothetically frightening if it exists as advertised.

-Brain Hulk

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  1. You havent read his book i take it. You can talk shit and pick out what you want but you never have nothing nice to say about a man telling you his private life. No wonder we are going to hell because of you.

    1. By 'his book' are you referring to "An Atheist to a Christian" or the Bible? While I have read the latter, I have not read Levis' book and was clearly responding to the preview story that I linked above.

      How exactly am I talking shit? I did no more than point out the errors in the story promoting this book. That is not talking shit, nor did I attack either author for their faith or beliefs. In fact, I sympathized with what he had to deal with in the past.

      I have no problem with people sharing their personal stories. I simply ask that they be accurate and honest about it.

      And how am I sending anyone else to Hell? If Christianity is true, the only person I'm sending to Hell is myself (if we're going by the unjust system proposed by Christianity).

      I value hearing a large variety of opinions, so please do share where exactly you feel this blog is mistaken.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Then read his book. He is telling us his private life and your picking at him without even reading it. His book is very interesting.

    1. I'm not picking at the book so much as the article this blog was about (unless the article truly is representative of the book). Again, I was writing about the article that I linked to. But if the article does lay out the general totality of his argument, than my analysis still stands.

      I'd be happy to read his book if you are offering me a copy or the author offers it for free for a period as they sometimes do. Maybe the book is better than this article makes it out to be, but the point is that the information in the article promoting it does little to reach atheists when even the promotional article is so ripe with errors. Generally these books are touted as if the intended audience is non-believers, but they always end up reading as preaching to the choir pieces for believers. So I'm sure you can understand my apprehension with potentially wasting $11 on it.

      That said, any reply the the questions I posed earlier? I'd really like to know where you think I'm 'talking shit' and 'sending people to Hell'...