Monday, February 16, 2015

Does Humanity Deserve Love?

It often strikes me as curious, how negatively many believers actually view people and the world once you life the false veil of 'God's love'...
Q: I know you believe God loves us, but why should He? After all, the human race certainly isn't very lovable -- not if you read the headlines or look at the way most people live. If I were God, I think I'd just give up on us. — J.V.
Well JV is certainly quite the optimist... Judging the whole of humanity by the selective headlines aired by the sensationalist media is hardly conducive to reaching an accurate conclusion. The fact that JV thinks humanity deserves to be 'given up on' tells me that he certainly isn't looking at the whole picture.
A: If God looked at us the same way we look at other people, then you'd be right: there's no logical reason why God should love us.
Well isn't that gloomy... Some people do some bad things so no one deserves love? I think that's quite absurd! While it is true that there are those that kill, steal, rape, and take advantage of others, that is far from the total picture. There are those who tirelessly work to bring those people to justice. There are people who consider it their calling to help and feed those in need. There are scientists working on cancer, HIV, pioneering stem cell research and 3D printing use in order to save lives. There are everyday people who just try to brighten the day of another. There are teachers that try to help pupils see and realize their true worth. The notion that the headlines deem that humanity as a lost cause is both shortsighted and absurd. It also highlights the true negativity that is often symbiotically inherent in religion.
But God isn't like we are! He sees all the sin and rebellion in our lives, and yet He still loves us.
* As long as you worship him.
That doesn't mean He isn't concerned about the sins we commit, because He is. But one reason He hates sin is because He knows the damage it causes in our lives. Some of the most sobering words in all the Bible are: "For the wages of sin is death" (Romans 6:23).
Then it strikes me as a particularly unintelligent move for him to have created sin then...
Think of it: if God didn't love us, He wouldn't want us to spend eternity with Him in heaven.
That's actually the wrong question. The real question is that if he wants us to spend eternity with him in heaven, and if he loves us, why doesn't everyone go to heaven?
But He does, and that's why He sent Jesus Christ into the world. By His death on the cross Christ became the final and complete sacrifice for our sins, and by His resurrection from the dead He opened heaven's door to all who come to Him in repentance and faith.
But the death of Jesus and the requirement that you accept a human sacrifice and worship the sacrificial offering  in order to reach heaven are arbitrary and unnecessary. If God loves us and wants us to be in heaven, there is no need to install a pointless test (which itself is pointless if you have an all-knowing deity).

That is, if the motivation is love... But the true motivation of this supposed god is made more clear when you see that heaven is described as eternal worship. Suddenly the test makes sense. The Christian god's motivation for granting entrance to heaven is not love, but conceit. It is not a reward out of love, but merely a job interview for the blindly obedient.

-Brain Hulk

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