Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Devil of a Detail

Will the devil leave Christians alone? Well Billy Graham answers this question with a throw-away answer that he doesn't realize contradicts the very claimed nature of his god. But it's not about Billy this time. Rather, it's about how strange the question asked was...
QUESTION: I admit I give in to temptations very easily, and it would be great if God would just make them go away. Will the devil stop bothering me if I become a Christian? — J.E.
Wait, wait, wait... They believe that the devil is bothering them, yet wonder if becoming a Christian will help? It sounds to me like JE already is a Christian! Many religions have a concept of an evil force or being, but they/it often goes by a different name. I've only really heard 'devil' used as a proper name by a few groups. Christians and Satanists (sometimes Muslims too, but more in a figurative way).

So if JE already believes in the devil we must ask, are they a Satanist? This isn't likely since a Satanist worships Satan and probably wouldn't think he's actively messing with them. That leaves us with the presumption that JE already is a Christian. Maybe a lax one that doesn't give it much thought, but Christian none-the-less. With that assumed, it clear that the question asked wasn't a sensical one and that belief would not aid them any.

-Brain Hulk

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