Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hannity's War on Politeness

Don't think that Bill O is the only Fox talking head that's getting in on this fake War on Christmas. Sean Hannity had Dave Silverman, the president of American Atheists on his show. I'm not sure why he bothered having him on though, since he only seemed interested at yelling at him and talking over
I don't have a logical argument, so just let me yell like a crazy
person and claim victory.

In the past, I haven't been a fan of Silverman's debate skills when he goes in to talk on Fox. But I must admit that he's getting better at it. In fact, he handled himself well, despite Hannity's overbearing, ever-present attitude.

The first part Hannity had a problem with was a billboard American Atheists purchased in Times Square. The billboard basically send the message that Christmas is just as good, or better without the religious part of it. Hannity, of course, claimed that there is no Christmas without Christ. But the truth is, that isn't true. Saturnilia, Yule, Winter Solstice, Etc... When the Christians created Christmas, the stole almost every part of it from earlier traditions. This includes every fun part about Christmas.

Hannity then claimed that they are purposely picking on Christians. He asked why American Atheists doesn't have a banner that says to take the Muhammad out of Ramadan. The thing is that they have put signs up targeted at Islam, but there are two main reasons Hannity's proposed sign doesn't exist. 1) Unlike Christmas, Ramadan is an exclusively religious holiday. Take religion out of Ramadan, and it ceases to exist. 2) The reason you don't see that many signs concerning Islam, is that Islam is not the religion trying to claim exclusivity and privilege within the government and on public land.

Sean also took issue with an Air Force base having to move it's nativity scene to the front of the chapel. Hannity somehow thought that it was due to atheist offense. And trying to keep people from being to allowed to display their light up baby Jesus. That isn't even close to the case. It isn't a case of offense, it's a case of following the law. If 0 people complained about the display, or 100 complained, it was still equally illegal prior to it being moved.

It's not offense, it's the Constitution. Everyone has to follow the law, like it or not. An atheist has no problem with a church or private residence displaying a nativity scene out front. I celebrate people's right to do as such... or display a symbol of their chosen religion. However, the government can't display a nativity, and only a nativity and still remain true to the Establishment Clause. The choice is no religious symbols, or allow all religious symbols. The government can't play favorites. Simple as that.

Yet Hannity acts like someone pissed in his corn flakes because someone is finally having the audacity to challenge the illegal Christian privilege that they have long enjoyed. Sorry Sean, but the party is over. And if we're lucky, Christianity will soon be playing by the same rules as everyone else.

-Brain Hulk

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