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Pray for persecuted Christians?

Someone write Billy Graham about Christians being persecuted. And unsurprisingly, the past is conveniently forgotten...
Pray for Christians that face persecution
DEAR BILLY GRAHAM: I was startled to read the other day about Christians who are being persecuted in some countries. Why is this? Christians want to make the world a better place, don’t they? So why would anyone want to kill them? — C.S.

DEAR C.S.: You’re right; Christians do want to make the world a better place — and also point people to the better world God has prepared for us in heaven. You’re also right when you say that it doesn’t seem logical for people to hate and even kill them.

And yet, from the beginning, that’s exactly what happened. Jesus came into the world announcing good news, but his enemies put him to death. For centuries, Christians were often persecuted by the Roman authorities, and since then untold numbers have died for their faith in Jesus. This did not only happen centuries ago. During my lifetime, millions have been persecuted or killed for their faith by hostile authorities.

Why is this? The reason can be summed up in one word: sin. The human race has rebelled against God, and instead of wanting to seek God and live by his truth, we resist God and want to go our own way. Instead of loving God as we should, we hate him — and we also hate his people. Jesus warned, “A servant is not greater than his master. If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also” (John 15:20).

When we give our lives to Christ, however, our hearts are changed. God himself comes to live within us, and by his Spirit he gives us a new love — love for God, and love for others. Pray for those who face persecution today (sometimes in subtle ways) — and pray that you will be faithful to Christ no matter what you might face in the future.
CS is correct that there are some countries where Christians are persecuted just for being Christian. And that is wrong. But these persecuted Christians are not alone. I assume that CS is referring to the Muslim nations where not being Muslim can be detrimental to your health. Being a Christian in one of those lands, will get you persecuted and even killed. But so will being gay or and atheist. Christians aren't being singled out at all. Rather, anything considered 'different' is singled out for elimination.

Because whoever kills the most is apparently somehow gets
the title of 'most right'? What is this, theological dodge-ball?
Billy Graham claims that the reason for this is 'sin'. But that's not the case. A better explanation would be theocracy. The reason these counties can so easily carry out these vile sentences for such trivial differences is because the beyond having a state religion, the religion truly is the law of the land. Sharia Law, legislated. The very opposite of freedom of religion exists here. Believe in the 'official religion', or you are breaking the law.

We don't see that degree of persecution from Christians anymore, but that's not due to Christians being infinitely peaceful and loving, but because most countries have progressed being wholly controlled and ruled by the Christian church. Some still hold a state religion, but the church is no longer in control of the rule of law. 

But in bygone days, the Christians were some of the biggest persecutors there where. When Christianity was in change, not being Christian was a crime. Remember the Crusades and the Inquisition? Millions were put to the sword or tortured simply because they were not Christian. Persecution at the hands of Christians. What about the witch trials? Superstition and persecution levied against women that didn't live up the the preconceived template of what a 'Christian woman' should be. The Holocaust? Jews, gays, atheist, etc... millions more, all murdered at the order an a dictator who thought he was creating the perfect Christian race. 

Christian love... Thankfully they're not this direct anymore.
Today Christianity does not control governments. But devout politicians and believers still go out if their way to try and persecute gay Americans. Try to keep them from having equal rights just because of what their religion says. Try to shame women because they are trying to make a difficult choice, and even killing doctors. Nowadays, Christian politicians take a less direct approach. Instead of just killing those who don't believe, they try to legislate special treatment for their fellow Christians, and stack the deck against everyone else.

CS asks why anyone would want to kill Christians. They only want to make the world a better place, right? In a way that is correct. They do want to make the world a 'better place'. But so do the Muslims in the countries that persecute Christians. Both groups want to make the world a 'better place'. However, they define, 'better place' as one where everyone follows of bends to their rules. In my opinion, that is not a 'better place'. We actually already have a real better place. The secular government in the United States grants all citizens the freedom or religion, and also keeps religion and the rule of law separate. 

Yet there are many in this country  who want to undermine this strength. They want to create an American theocracy, so that Christianity may openly persecute again. And that is a sad truth to behold.

-Brain Hulk

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