Friday, December 13, 2013

I'll pray for you

As an open atheist, I've had many Christians tell me that they would 'pray for me.' On one hand, I usually don't mind too much. They mean well after all. In their belief system, they think they are helping, and that this is the way to show that they care. So whilst I don't feel that their prayer will make any difference, I understand that their heart is in the right place and this is the way they know to
express that sentiment.

However, there are those that utter those words with such conviction and attitude, that they are basically giving you a verbal middle finger. In those cases, they might as well be saying "What? You say you don't believe? Well, you're so wrong, and I'm so right and you're just too stupid to get it. So there, you stupid dummy!" Um... Okay. Way to be loving Mr. Christian. I could retort to those people  "Well, I'll think for you." But what's the point? If they already have that type of hostile attitude to the situation, they will never listen to reasoned arguments. And I'm no fan of just getting into an insult war.

Oddly, most Christians don't understand why some atheists take issue with someone saying that they'll pray for them. How would they feel if they were talking with someone, and they told them, "Ill pray to Allah for you."? Chances are, they'd be at least slightly annoyed. They may say that they are Christian, not Muslim. That they do not want them praying to a 'false god' in their name. Or even state that they are wasting their time, because the Christian god is the only true god.

But when an atheist responds like they might to a Muslim, they act like we have the attitude or are
being unreasonable. How is that we are acting 'inexcusable', while their reaction to the Muslim is considered fine? The situations are actually identical. The one party simply does not want the other party trying to force their beliefs on them, whatever they may be.

So if you want to show that you care, just tell me that you care. If you want to pray for me, but not appear to be pushy, then just don't tell me. Heck, the Bible say to pray in private anyway. I couldn't care less if someone wants to pray for me. Have at it! I don't think it will make any difference, but it's your time. So if you feel like spending a few minutes a day talking to you ceiling fan, who am I to say you can't? It's your time, so spend it wisely. Personally, I think that actually doing something or actually helping would be a better use of my time. But maybe that's just me.

-Brain Hulk

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