Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Quoting the Bible

Sometimes in a conversation with a believer, they may bring up a point that they think is so clever. An 'ah-ha' moment where they think they have you trapped. They're wrong, of course. But good luck
getting them to understand that.

What I'm talking about is when a believer calls us out for quoting the Bible. The problem isn't actually they we sometimes quote the Bible... it's that they miss the point in doing so. It isn't because we're being a hypocrite or that we secretly believe, as some claim. Actually, I know I've sometimes quoted the Bible to show that they are being a hypocrite.

How often have you heard a Christian spouting off that homosexuality is wrong, or the birth control is wrong and cite the Bible for their stance. But it's not enough that they abstain from what their beliefs dictate, they demand that I adhere to their beliefs as well. It is often stated that the Bible is the perfect word of God, and that his law must be followed by all.

Contradictions in the Bible.
This is usually the point where I will quote a Bible passage that they don't follow. Maybe the wear mixed fabrics, don't kiss disobedient offspring, eat bacon or shrimp, have a tattoo, trim their hair the 'wrong' way, or work on the Sabbath. Or maybe they are a woman defying the command that women are not to teach, but be silent.

I mention these things to them, not because I agree with these Biblical rules... I actually don't agree with them at all. But when someone is telling me that I have to live my life by every rule in the Bible,
while they themselves ignore much of Biblical code, I will call out their hypocrisy.

Sometimes believers will claim that the Bible is without error. That it truly is perfect and more reliable than any other text. When they say this, it's time to point out verses that say that the stars are just lesser lights that can fall to Earth... That Pi = 3... That bats are birds... That the Earth is surrounded by a firmament... or any of the other things that the Bible claims as true, but anyone in this modern age knows is false.

Another situation is when the Bible is claimed to be morally perfect. There is no shortage of God commanding and committing genocide in the Bible. Offering daughters up for rape, forced marriage to your rapist, no problem with slavery, selling daughters, death penalty for just about everything, kill kids for talking back, tell a follower to kill his son to prove his faith, allow the Devil to destroy a follower's family and life for a bet... The list goes on and on. One thing clear is that the Bible is far from a moral text.

I love some of the specific claims made though. Defy gay marriage because of the Bible? Why? The Bible didn't say anything about gay marriage. The only thing the Bible speaks about is gay sex. So technically, gay marriage isn't a Biblical problem if they don't have sex. Abortion is another one. Demand that abortion is against the Bible all you want, and I will point out the verses where God demands it. Divorce? Yup, the Bible has a verse where a loop-hole is provided where divorce is fine (and in Biblical fashion, is the woman's fault, of course).

So no Christians, me quoting the Bible in the fashion I do does not make me a hypocrite, and it's rather sad that you think so. I'm actually just pointing out a problem with your claim, or that you aren't practicing what you preach.

-Brain Hulk

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