Saturday, June 28, 2014

Collected nonsense

There were a few other Billy Graham stories the past week that had quotes that were worth responding to, but I didn't feel were deserving of an independent blog for each article.
(on missionaries) They also will be able to help in practical ways, even if they can’t meet every need. Teaching the Bible to children in the community… helping repair the roof on a church… digging a ditch to pipe in clean water… the list of possibilities is almost endless.
One of these things is not like the others... While missionaries can help people by actually doing good for them, the sad truth is that most go to simply teach the word of God. This is not helping. It is actually a rather presumptuous waste of time. There people need food and water, not Bibles!
(on being a  single mom who's kids are now off to college) I suspect you aren’t only bored but also depressed, because you feel like you’re no longer useful or of much value to anyone. This isn’t true, of course, but your feelings are understandable.
Is this mother's reaction really all that surprising since they no longer have their kids to care for? Biblically, women are for giving birth and taking care of kids. With that gone, she's left with the default Christian teaching that all are worthless, terrible sinners. Is there any surprise she misght be depressed?
After all, God isn’t like a harsh policeman or a cruel judge, just waiting for you to get out of line so he can punish you.
Correct, God won't wait for you to cross the line. Instead he sentences you to eternal torment before you are even born. What more, he counts the theft of a $0.25 pack of gum equal to being a serial killer. That doesn't sound remotely fair... Oh, but if the killer knows Jesus, he gets set free, while the one time gum thief gets death. That's not justice at all!
Actually, considering that he was a Christian, he
wouldn't even need to pray on his death bed.
After all, the person who’s in the most danger spiritually is the one who feels no need for God’s forgiveness. He or she is like someone walking around with a deadly cancer growing inside them — and yet ignoring it until it’s too late. Sin is like a deadly cancer, for unless we’re cleansed from it, it will destroy us.
Not quite... We know that cancer exists, unlike 'sin'. We can detect and confirm that we have cancer. There are also multiple different treatments for cancer. Furthermore, we can get a second, third and fourth opinion on whether or not the cancer is there. With 'sin' God invented it and is also the only one that says that you have it. What's worse, with original sin, he put it there to begin with. I can't think if any doctor inserting a tumor so that he could then diagnose it and claim to have the only treatment for it.

-Brain Hulk

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