Saturday, June 28, 2014

Team Sydni

While I know I have readers across the globe, I know I probably don't have the audience to make this work as well as I'd like. But you know what? I'm sure as hell going to try!

One of my friend's children has been diagnosed with Leukemia. A beautiful little girl that certainly doesn't deserve the hand that's been dealt her. While Sydni is being treated, help is always welcome. So I hope that some will be able to help pitch in to aid in her treatment and recovery.

This is a wonderful family, and I count her mother among my fondest friends. I met Sydi's mother over a decade ago when I had the pleasure of working with her. She, I and a few others made a great team that actually made work fun. A true friend that doesn't judge, and you can trust. Actually, she was among the first (outside my parents) that I entrusted with the knowledge that I was an atheist. A fact that didn't faze her or stand in the way of our friendship. In fact, I still haven't told my aunts or uncles... But Julie knows. 

As life does, time, a new job and marriage meant that we lost touch for a while. Something that I regret. Especially when I just learned of Sydni's diagnosis the other day. I still remember Julie bringing her by and showing off her baby girl. A look of pride in her eyes that I am sure is still present when she looks at the brave little girl who is fighting her internal menace. 

Sydni is a fighter, and I have every hope that she will prevail. But lets help her out! If you can spare a few buck, please chip in on her donation page: DONATE HERE

Through our combined efforts, we can help Sydni win her battle. So what are we waiting for? Lets do this!

-Brain Hulk

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