Friday, June 6, 2014

D-Day Lies

It just wouldn't be a holiday without a political chain email slinging dirt at someone would it? Let's see what our GOP friend with an addiction to the reply all button sent this time.
Every year the French have a 4-day celebration in Normandy complete with American uniforms, tanks, jeeps, and guns. They still honor the Americans who died there.
And yet many Americans still make fun of the French...
It's pretty sad if you have to resort to lies to make a
politician look bad...
In all these years since, our country has only FOUR TIMES not been there to do the honors.
Four times in 69 years!! I wonder who would have had the lack of respect to
not honor our fighting forces?

June 6, 2013, the 69th anniversary of "D-Day", the largest invasion ever
attempted, where 200,000 Americans stormed the beaches at Normandy to begin the final push to defeat Nazi Germany in WWII. D-Day marked the turning point in WWII in Europe. Today, European heads of state make it a point to recall and honor the sacrifices of those who landed in Normandy , as do our presidents. well, most of them....
In the 69 years since D-Day, there are four occasions when the president of
the United States chose not to visit the D-Day Monument that honors the
soldiers killed during the Invasion.

The occasions were:

1. Barack Obama, 2010
2. Barack Obama, 2011
3. Barack Obama, 2012
4. Barack Obama, 2013

For the past 69 years, every American president except Obama have taken the time to honor the memory and sacrifices of the 6,000 American soldiers killed on D-Day. ...except Obama!
 That does make President Obama seem pretty terrible. Too bad it's a load of rubbish!

The only bit that is true is that Obama didn't attend from 2010 to 2013. While he did miss those four years, he is far from the only sitting president to not attend the ceremony in Normandy.  In fact, he's only one of four presidents that have taken part!

So who has attended?

Ronald Regan: Attended the 40th Anniversary ceremony in 1984.
Bill Clinton: Attended the 50th Anniversary ceremony in 1994.
George W. Bush: Attended the 60th Anniversary ceremony in 2004.
Barack Obama: Attended the 65th Anniversary ceremony in 2009.

This photo of the president at the 2009 ceremony in Normandy
obviously proves he was never there...
What more, the president is due to attend this year to mark 70 years since D-Day as well. This means that with only two visits, he will have attended twice as often as any other president that has attended prior. Gasp! That means the the 'evil' Mr. Obama will have attended twice as often as the GOP's great Mr. Regan! Guess Ronald just didn't love America as much as Barack...

You see, when you make stuff up like this email does, it's easy to smear someone. But the facts don't lie. This is just another email lie that ignores the truth in hopes of spinning a hateful political web.

-Brain Hulk

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