Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Nothing to do with God

Why doesn't God stop those that don't follow him? That's what ZL wants to know...
QUESTION: Why does God allow some people to turn their backs on Him, and even lash out at Him and treat Him like an enemy? It seems to me that God ought to stop them. I know He doesn’t, but I don’t understand why. — Z.L.
I would say that it's probably because there is no God to stop them in the first place. But I'm sure Billy will have a different answer...
ANSWER: If God treated us the way we deserve to be treated, would any of us be left? No, of course not, because every one of us has sinned against Him and treated Him as if He were our enemy. The Bible bluntly says, “All have turned away ... there is no one who does good, not even one” (Romans 3:12).
What a low opinion of humanity! How in the world has every single person in the world sinned against him and treated him like an enemy? Most people make small or trivial mistakes, but they in no way come close to treating God as an enemy. If someone lies to another, that is against that person, not God. Even more serious offenses aren't actually aimed at God. If someone steals, or commits adultery, God is not the victim. 

What about people that believe in a different religion, or live in a far away land where they've worship a different god? Being 'friends' with one deity, but not God does not make him your enemy. Anyone who isn't your friend, just isn't your friend. No reasonable person would consider someone an enemy for simply not being a friend.

Likewise for those that don't know about Christianity. How is not knowing about God akin to treating him as an enemy? There are billions of people in the world that we don't know. Are they all somehow enemies? That is a ridiculous idea! Among those mysterious masses are those that you would get along with, those that you wouldn't, those that you'd agree with, those that you wouldn't... But in no way does not knowing someone make them your enemy. Nor does the fact of not being 'friends' with someone you don't even know exists constitute an act of hostility.
Why doesn’t God judge them and strike them down?

Sometimes He does, and that should be a sober warning to anyone who hates God and thinks they’ll get by with it. The Bible warns, “You may be sure that your sin will find you out” (Numbers 32:23).
Really? When? Do people that aren't Christians die? Sure. But people die all the time, for all types of reasons. People of all races, religions, and economic class. It's rather odd that if God is striking people down, that Christians seem to follow the same rate of death as those that God is supposedly smiting. And why are their deaths naturally explained? It seems to me that someone is just trying to claim deaths to twist them into their own objective.
But God often delays His judgment, hoping that those who hate Him will realize the error of their ways, repent of their sins, and turn in faith to Christ.
Again, not being a Christian doesn't mean you hate God. Hell, I'm an atheist, and I don't hate him. In my case it's because I don't believe in him, and you can't hate something that doesn't exist. But guess what...  Billy is implicating that everyone is guilty of hating God. That would include Christians as well. How does that work? So tell me, what if someone was a life-long Christian. They were born, they were brought up by a Christian family, and the indoctrination stuck. For that brief period between birth and being able to recognize religion to some degree and then going to church... That period where they simply didn't know about or comprehend God.  When did they hate him? they were born and didn't know about God, so they couldn't hate him. The next step was considering themselves a Christian and loving God. So where is the supposed hate directed at God?

-Brain Hulk

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