Monday, September 23, 2013

A better future? Not so fast...

This Sunday, LK wrote in to Billy Graham offering his story as an example for others to learn from. But Billy gets it all wrong in his typically presumptuous fashion...
While the past can't be erased, with God's help you can build a brighter future.

DEAR BILLY GRAHAM: I’m scared of getting older, because I divorced my wife many years ago and I’m not on good terms with my children, and all I can see in front of me is loneliness and hopelessness. I wish I could go back and change the decisions I made, but it’s too late. Maybe someone can learn from my mistakes. — L.K.
Unfortunately, Christianity teaches that all are worthless and hopeless masses. That only through their God can happiness and a good life be found. And it sounds like you've bought into that disgusting teaching. But I'm here to tell you that you do not need a god, or the Christian one to find hope and happiness. Yes, you feel like you've let your god down. But just look at those that believe in rival gods, that are happy. Also, look at non-believers that are also very happy and on average, are more successful. There is hope for you, LK. But first you will need to change your mindset and shed the notion that you are forever deserving of the hardships you are facing. Until you actually feel like you're deserving to be happy, you never will be.
DEAR L.K.: It’s a hard lesson to learn (and some people never do learn it, I’m afraid), but you can’t change the past. What’s done (either for good or for bad) can never be erased, and the consequences will remain with us the rest of our lives. Perhaps your letter will help someone avoid going down the path you once chose.
True, the past can't be changed, but we and other can learn from past experiences. So hearing from others can be quite valuable.
But you can change the future, with God’s help. And he wants to help you, because he loves you and cares what happens to you. So far in life, you haven’t paid much attention to him, but why should that be true in the future? Instead, put your feet on a new path by asking Christ to come into your life, to forgive the past and help you in the future.
What? Um... Aren't you being rather presumptuous Bill? LK is facing tough times so you automatically assume that he hasn't followed your Christ in the past. Why? Because he's divorced? Well as it turns out, believers get divorced more often that non-believers do. So it would seem non-believers tend to be more committed partners. Actually, LK (assuming LK is a man) may have been backed by the Bible in his divorce. Deuteronomy 24:1-4 actually says that a man may divorce his wife if she should become 'displeasing to him'. Now very nice if you ask me. But I think we can safely ignore Grahams protest that divorce = not following God.
How will God help you? I can’t promise you’ll be able to overcome all the hurts your children feel. But you can reach out to them, telling them (perhaps in a letter) that you’re sorry for what happened, and you have now given your life to Jesus.
And how do you know he already hadn't given his life to Jesus. Maybe LK (assuming LK is a man) lost his wife because he followed the misogynistic teachings in the Bible. Maybe the children want nothing to do with LK because they were robbed of a normal childhood by an overly religious parent, or parents. Also, you act so sure that LK had never given their life to Jesus before. But the very fact that LK wrote you suggests that you are wrong. The majority of those that read your column are believers. And those that write you for advice are believers by a much larger majority. You give religious advice. So wouldn't those that share your views be the ones that see you as a person to reach out to for advice? I know I don't believe, so a religious advice column is the last place I'd look to for help. So by the very fact that LK reached out for you, suggests that LK is and was a believer well prior to writing you.

Maybe it's time to stop blaming everyone but your own group for the ills of the world. You also need to wake up to the facts and see that they don't support your arguments. Finally, when backed into a corner, give up the 'No True Scotsman' arguments. It shows just how weak your position is. Just be honest for a change. None of us are right all the time. So stop pretending that you have exclusive access to the answer to everything. Sorry, but shoehorning God and Jesus into every answer doesn't make it sound impressive.

In addition, Christ will give you hope as you grow older. You’ll know he is always with you, and most of all you’ll know that someday you will go to be with him in heaven. Because of Christ’s death and resurrection we have “the hope of eternal life, which God, who does not lie, promised before the beginning of time” (Titus 1:2). 
You see, that's the problem. You don't NEED Christ to give you hope as you grow old. Just shed the Christian shroud of worthlessness and you almost there. Then just don a positive attitude and life from youth to old age doesn't have to be something we fear. If anything, Christians might be the ones fearing their final days. Did I do enough? Was I good enough? Will I go to Heaven or Hell? To a Christian, the stakes are high as you approach death. But that's not so for me. When I die, I believe that is it. So I feel it's my duty to enjoy this brief shot at life as best I can. Make the most of it. Move on from joy to joy.  On the day I die, I want to be able to look back and say that I made the most of life and had a good run. And if I can think that, full of memories, I'll bow out with a smile on my face.

 -Brain Hulk

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