Thursday, September 5, 2013

Te-bowing out

 I saw a story crawl across my news feed that I found amusing. It turns out that the New England Patriots have cut Tim Tebow from their roster. No, that's not the part I found amusing... The amusing part was that there are Christians and groups that are claiming that Tebow is being persecuted for his faith. Wait... what!?

Commenters have have claimed that he was released due to his faith, that he was born to play football (hand egg?) and that the 'Christian-phobe' liberals just couldn't let him have his day, and even that ESPN and the sports media are all under the control of Satanic liberals... Okay, I think a few people need to make sure they are taking their meds and calm down. 

Funny, I didn't know that ESPN told NFL teams who to hire and fire. I will admit that I am not exactly the closest follower of football, but even I was aware of the general prevailing opinion that he just isn't that great. So is it more realistic to believe that Tebow was cut loose because of his beliefs, or that he just wasn't very good at his job?

Get hired = God's controls my destiny, isn't he great!
Get's fired = Help, help, I'm being oppressed!
Um... I thought 'Jesus had the wheel'?
I also find the cry of persecution rather humorous. Is Tebow being persecuted for his beliefs? Anyone with a lick of sense should know that the answer to that question is no. If Tim were being singled out for his Christian faith, then I guess we're just moments away from hearing about almost the entire NFL being fired and replaced with demons. 

Lets face it, the NFL is and always has been full of believers. Former Baltimore Raven, Ray Lewis was very vocal about his faith. But did he get the Tebow treatment? No. He was loved by many fans, and also hated by rival fans as well. But rather than being swept from one team after another year after year, he built a career and was never fired for being a Christian. Could it be that his faith didn't matter, but getting the job done on the field did. 

The same is true of the retired players Kurt Warner, Deion Sanders, Steve Yioung, Shaun Alexander and Reggie White where very religious players that also saw much success. Again, none were told they were 'no good' and pushed aside because they were believers. 

There are plenty of active players that are religious, yet don't find their jobs in danger. Believe it or not, Ben Roethlisberger is quite religious, and wouldn't even live with his girlfriend before they got married because of their faith. Philip Rivers is very active in the Catholic church and preaches all kinds of things I don't necessarily agree with. Yet his job is safe. Jay Feely holds Bible study groups in his home. Aaron Rogers isn't outspoken, but tries to use Jesus as an example to help him lead his team. Matt Hasselbeck is another believer that has seen success. Troy Polamalu is a serious Orthodox  Christian that holds his faith close to him and has gone on pilgrimages. Hunter Smith is a punter, but is also a member in a Christian 'rock' band. 

All those players are Cristian, and some vocally so. Yet you don't see then being tossed out on their behinds. If the NFL truly was persecuting Tebow for his Christianity, then these guys would be out of jobs as well. But they aren't. Why? Because they play their positions well, and Tebow apparently doesn't. I guess his 'God-given' ability came up short... mysterious ways and all. So Christians, sorry that your poster boy lost his job. But don't cry persecution every single single time you don't get things the way you want it. That's no persecution, that's life. So grow up and deal with it so we can all try to make the best of things.

 -Brain Hulk

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