Friday, September 20, 2013

If you don't like it, leave!

Following the announcement of the inclusion of 'Under God' in the Pledge of Allegiance being challenged some of the reactions have been negative, and some positive. But some have been downright childish.
Better watch out. She's offended, so that means she's right... right?
Logic and history be damned!

One of those childish reaction came from Fox News' own, Dana Perino. On her program, they were discussing the challenge, and she concluded, "If these people really don't like it, they don't have to live here." Co-host Bob Beckel agreed by saying, "Yeah, that's a good point."

Actually no...  That's a pretty terrible point. And it's a position that many believers have run with and parroted. What they're really saying is 'love it or leave it'. If you don't like ______, you don't have to live here. Okay, two can play at that game...

If you don't like that we have the right to make such a challenge, you don't have to live here. If you don't like that we only want to return the Pledge of Allegiance to it's original form, you don't have to live here. Fox news, if you don't like the president, you don't have to live here. Shoo, be gone!

But that's just a childish position. I'm not going to flail about like a toddler and demand that all who don't agree with me has to leave. So why do Perino and others hold this strange desire to make all conform to their point of view, and kick them aside if they don't? If you know the answer please tell me, because I'd really like to know.

Additionally, is the 'love it or leave it' attitude really a good one? What's wrong with 'love it and fix it'? Let me ask you this... What if someone you care for had a drug problem? Should you adopt a 'love it or leave it' attitude and just wipe your hands clean of this person since you don't like their drug use? Or maybe you should adopt a 'love it and fix it' attitude instead. You care for this person, so instead of abandoning them, wouldn't it be better to try and help them and fix their problem? I think the answer there is a clear one.

The same situation is present when non-believers challenge 'under God' being in the Pledge of Allegiance, when schools trying to force sectarian prayer is challenged, etc. I love my country, and what it was founded on. I love the rights the Constitution affords me, and everyone. So when I see things that violate the Constitution and defy this country's founding principles, I can't just turn around and piss off. I just can't.

In this country we have the freedom of religion, as well as the promise that our proud nation will not respect an establishment of religion. Unlike the country we fought to win our freedom, the United States shall not hoist one religion above all others. And honoring those promises is what I, and other non-believers are trying to do. So we see a nation that we love, that has lost it's way from it's foundation. I'll be damned if I'm just going to give up on this country and it's unparallelled freedoms. No, I'll fight to fix those mistakes and try to lead us back on the path to a return to those founding principles.

So Dana Perino... No, I will not leave. And it's because I do love this country and want to fix it that I'm staying put. And I suggest you get used to it, because we aren't going anywhere. 

-Brain Hulk

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