Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Awkward Moments (children's) Bible

I found another awesome product that will be coming out soon. Introducing the 'Awkward Moments (not found in your average) Children's Bible"! It's not actually for children, but presents Biblical verses that are left out of children's Bible, as if they were in one. Just like the Bible, this book isn't actually suitable for children. But it is a funny look at ugly and absurd verses that Christians typically
just gloss over or ignore.


Also, take a look at their facebook page to see some sample pages.

About the author:
Horus D. Gilgamesh reads his Bibles every day, much more often than most Christians. After spending a decade in full time ministry and several years studying the origins and history of the world's most sacred text, he realized that more people really needed to know what was in the "good" book.
 Straight from the horses mouth:

        Using actual Bible verses and vivid illustrations, Awkward Moments aims to encourage people from all walks life to really think about the Bible – perhaps for the first time. Let’s face it – there are just some things about the Good Book that are pretty awkward for most people to talk about! Verses we’d like to forget or that have been changed throughout the centuries. But, mostly – verses you’ve never heard before while sitting in church. And, certainly not the stories found in your average children’s Bible!
Recent studies have shown a surprising lack of Biblical knowledge among people of faith related to the content and history of the most influential book on the planet. An iconic book that has shaped cultures (arguably both good and bad) for thousands of years and continues to be used to influence our lives on a daily basis – often, regardless of our own personal beliefs.
Most folks who go to church every Sunday were raised in their family’s choice of faith, learning a few cute Bible stories at a very young age and accepting what was taught without much need to dig any deeper. After decades of repetition and tradition, it’s easy to understand how we might put our beliefs on auto-pilot and just nod as a pastor repeats verses and ideas from the pulpit that sound familiar, comfortable, and easy to us.
Our goal? Biblical literacy! To get people to read their Bibles – to really read them! We hope these illustrations will encourage folks to ask some important questions – for themselves, for their children, for their culture, and society.  If we get a good belly laugh out of our readers every now and then – it’s just a major bonus!
So what are you waiting for? Join me in ordering yours today!

-Brain Hulk

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