Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Atheist vandals?

I ran across a story today about a church in Tennessee that was vandalized. The title of the story certainly caught my eye...

"Tennessee Church Vandalized With Atheist Themes"

Let me stop right now and state that vandalism is inexcusable no matter who does it. If atheists did this illegal act to this church, it is something i must fervently condemn.

Back to the topic of this blog... With that straightforward title of this article, some atheist groups must have claimed responsibility for the vandalism, right?

Oh... Further research has sown that they apparently have no leads or any idea who perpetrated the crime. Well, maybe the nature of the vandalism clued them in to the 'atheistic' nature of this crime? Let's take a look...
...burned and carved satanic messages throughout the sanctuary.

Satan = atheist? Does not compute...
 Members indicated that two crosses were inverted in an apparent attempt to recreate a common satanist symbol; and page 666 — a number often associated with Satan — was burned out of a Bible at the location. That number was also carved into the church altar.

 To remove any doubt regarding their intended message, the vandals also carved a succinct and disturbing message into the altar: “Smoke meth and hail Satan.”

While this Tennessee church experienced an outright attack, secular humanists continue to work behind the scenes to surreptitiously silence the Christian voice within America.

What!?! Atheist themes? I think that word doesn't mean what they think it means. Atheist's do not believe in God (any god). But we also don't believe in Satan. So if the vandalism was as reported in the article, then it was vandalism of Satanist themes, not atheist themes. Is that really that hard to understand? And do you know does believe in Satan? People who also believe in God. Satanists just pitch for the other team.

Also, Secular doesn't mean atheist either. Secularism is actually an embodiment of the founding principle of church and government staying separate. It is not an attack on Christianity (or any religion). It is the protection of religion and government from the other.

The facts make it clear that the author of this piece had obvious biases that shaped their writing and titling of this article. Why try to actually try and find out who is to blame, when we can just blame a minority group and toss around fallacies without a care? Just more dirty politics...

UPDATE: The close minded author  has now changed the title of the article to 'satanic themes' after receiving a good bit of educating from some of the commentators. 

-Brain Hulk

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