Friday, October 25, 2013

Wouldn't you want to know?

Sometimes when talking with a theist, they will be defiant of even hearing my arguments against
their stance. They'll state that they are happy with what they believe, and that they aren't interested in alternative explanations. I can completely understand being satisfied in your beliefs. But I can't understand being willingly blind to any other explanations or arguments.

Why should liking your beliefs exclude you from considering other possibilities? I am secure in and happy with my lack of belief, yet I'm also always open to hearing opposing arguments. If I'm wrong, I would like to know. Yet, the brand of theist I referenced earlier is adamant in maintaining their belief at all costs. I would like to know if I'm wrong, so why don't they?

If I am wrong in my beliefs, I want to know so that I can amend them. Yet, so many believers don't want to change their beliefs for any reason whatsoever. They would rather live a pleasing lie, than embrace a possible truth.

Listening to the views of others is not a show of weakness. It is a display of honesty. It is also an opportunity to learn. If your beliefs be true, than the other views they fear would actually serve to strengthen the beliefs they  already hold. But if the arguments of others alone, weaken your faith than I feel that say something about how shaky a foundation that faith was built upon. And like I said, you may learn something and find that what you have believed was incorrect.

So... if what you believed was wrong, wouldn't you want to know? I know I would. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. But I'll be satisfied in the knowledge that I remained honest and open. Furthermore, I'll embrace the truth whatever it may be. Like it or not, the truth is the truth. And I'd rather live my life in constant pursuit of the truth, rather than build walls to hid behind. So I must ask... What are those that hide from even the simplest questions afraid of?

-Brain Hulk

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