Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hungry for Christ?

A soup kitchen in Spartanburg, SC refused volunteers the other day. But why? You would think that a soup kitchen should welcome all the help they can get. Were these volunteers rowdy or insincere? No. So why were they turned away? The soup kitchen's executive director, Lou Landrum said this group of volunteers isn't welcome to volunteer because "their mission is counter to the mission of the soup kitchen".

Wait... A soup kitchen had a large group offering to help feed the hungry, and they say that they were
countering the soup kitchen's mission? Did I miss something, because I thought that the mission of a soup kitchen is to feed the needy? Maybe we should ask Landrum what the soup kitchen's mission is then...

"Our ministry is to edify God and feed those that are hungry." Oh... so the secondary purpose of the soup kitchen is to feed people, while the primary purpose is to sell religion. Doesn't that seem like they have their priorities mixed up a bit? This is the part where the 'problems' started for Landrum.

You see, the volunteers turned away were from the Upstate Atheist's 'Charity Beyond Belief ' group. Just because they wanted to hand out food without also giving everyone an unsolicited side order of Jesus, they were told they weren't welcome. Actually, more than that Landrum said that they 'have the Devil with them.' Yes, nothing's more devilish than helping the needy no matter if they believe or not...

Since they weren't allowed inside, the Upstate Atheist's set up shop across the street and gave out food and personal care items to the needy. It's rather sad that this Christian soup kitchen choose to be decisive at the possible detriment to those that both parties are hoping to help. Do they ask those in need if they are believers before they serve them too? Why not focus on the shared interest for feeding the hungry, and forget the theological differences? The soup kitchen's website even states that 'every human being should be treated with dignity and respect.' So where was the dignity and respect when they treated these atheist volunteers as rudely and poorly as they did?

Put helping those in need first, instead of placing some silly need to push your religion on the unfortunate just so they can eat. If helping the needy really is the goal, then allow us all to come together, so that we can all work together and make the biggest difference we can.

-Brain Hulk

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